Saturday, December 29, 2012

Assassins Creed 3 makes me sad...

One of my favorite franchises in the video game industry is Assassins Creed. Everything from the story to the game play has always been a enjoyable experience from start to finish. Until this last week....

Finally getting to sit down and play AC3 this last week was very exciting to me. I liked the setting for the story especially since it brings up something most people in my country have forgotten about somehow. Freedom. But while the story itself is awesome, the game play seems to be lacking. The game starts off at a horrendously slow pace and doesn't really start to shine until memory segment 6 or what ever it is when you get to help throw some tea of boats during the Boston Tea Party. The combat from the last few games differs now to as you can't just win everything by counterattacking, you need to break defense to. But this small change to the combat has made it clunky and it now takes forever just to kill a few guys. Taking out 4 red coats should be fun, not a chore. The last and final complaint is the liberal use of cut scenes. I feel like I'm shoved in and out of them every five seconds, getting control of Conner just long enough to walk from the bar to the door or vice verse before being hit with another cut scene. This breaks the flow of game play a lot and murders the suspension of disbelief.

Now despite all this games faults compared to its brethren, its still a solid game. I still recommend it to people who want something unique and not a shooter. Just remember to play the other games to.

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