Monday, December 31, 2012

The years end, and the Crusade of Fire begins.

 The year is coming to a close now, and so I'd like to state my intentions for the year here on a blog to few people read.

1.) I'd like to be more active with posting on my blog. I want more people to come here, and that will require me making more interesting content.

2.) I want to get more pictures up of what I'm painting. A big part of what the Warhammer internet community is, is sharing our creations. and I want to support that.

3.) Going to purchase a Deimos pattern Predator Executioner for my Imperial Fist. Those things are awesome.

I know its nothing overly complex... Maybe I should have come up with more ambitious goals. Not sure...

This month though I will also be starting a battle report that will follow my gaming group on its play through of the "Crusade of Fire" campaign. Including turn by turn maps of the star system as its explored and occupied by various armies from the 3 factions. I will be fighting with the Imperium using my Imperial Fist lead by my 'Grand Warlord' Darnath Lysander. Should be a fun time.

If anyone wants any info on the campaign or wants to know more about the demon rules/arena rules just post here or message me somehow. I have the book in both physical and digital formats. ;)

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