Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Vanguard Veterans (part 3)

     Alright, been sick for a few days so trying to get back into things. So happy last day of the year! As you can tell from the below pictures I'm still slowly working through my vanguard veterans. I now have half the squad done, and only 5 left to go! Except I still don't have jump packs for any of them. Still looking for jump packs I like to magnetize onto them. Thinking about using the jump packs from the sanguinary guard since they're plastic mk-iv packs. Having a hard time finding a style that fits the mk-iii armour better. If you have suggestions though leave em in the comments! 

Claw guy with basecoats!

Shoulder pads added on, still using the Sternguard shoulders
on the right side of each guy. They have that same odd trim
so they work well for making the armour more ornate.

and finally! Blood! lots of blood and splatter to go with
the claws. I really like this guy.

Chainsword guy 1! Needed lots of these guys so the unit
didn't get to crazy points wise. Already 450 points....

Doing blood on the chain sword is something I'm still
trying to perfect. But it's getting better.

and finally the most recent guy, he has a power sword
that was painted to appear like it was just stabbed into

Slightly less battle damage on this guy though, not sure
why, just didn't want it on him.

The 5 that are completed!

3 guys that are next!

the other 2 guys.

     So as I continue my painting today you will probably see more post from me today and through the course of the next 3 days as I have a lot of extra time off. Also if you (the reader?) have idea's as to where I can get some good jump packs bits, please tell me in the comments below?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Random other painting and projects.

     Apart from the progress on the Vanguard Vets, I also have these Grenadiers that I need to finish building and painting. Saving them for after new years though as my gaming group is having a 2014 painting contest for fun and bragging rights. Also painting 10 more guys is kind of daunting right now with the large pile of unpainted stuff growing in front of me.

     Star Wars X-wing ships I got for Christmas from my fiancee! All ships I don't have, and I'm pretty sure the only rebel ship currently out I don't own is the Millennium Falcon. Which.... I'm not actually a fan of. It's a cool ship but the Outrider is cooler.

Crazy big set of Army Painter paints from their Warpaints
line up. Awesome set and I don't think I'll have to buy paint
for a while.

All the paint!

     And to tie up this update of random things, a sneak peak of something I'm finally working on. I really don't think their is enough time in the day (or week) to do everything I want to do as a gamer..... 

Vanguard Veterans (part 2)

     So today I finally make a follow up post on the Vanguard Veterans and the progress made on them, which isn't much thanks to the holidays. But some progress was made and 2 of them are about finished. These guys have been a fun project as I've been able to get a lot of practice painting both blood and battle damage as you will see in later pictures. I want the models to look like they're wading through combat, the blood of their enemies showering them as their weapons fall.

     The first guy done is just a Veteran with a power axe.  I love power axes but try to avoid them a bit as Dorn teaches the sword as the perfect marshal weapon. But having 1 or 2 marines with one won't hurt anyone, right? This guy has a bit of a generic battle ready pose. In this pic I don't have all of the details and wash on him yet either. Still very happy with him though and I can't wait to have a full squad of these dudes with jump packs.

     Practicing doing blood on weapons. I added more bloches and dots of random blood splatter to the axe and armour of the marine. Also added blood splatter to his shield a bit since that's inevitably going to get a little messy as gore flies around.

      Sergeant with power fist and storm shield. This guy apart from having his jump pack/power plant is pretty much done. Though I will probably add a flag to his power plant and I accidently gave him the wrong shield. The one he was suppose to have had a veteran cross symbol with Imperial Fist logo in the center from the etched brass sheet. Might fix this later though somehow....

Blood on the power fist.

Damage and splatter on the shield.

Progress so far!

Minorly different angle.

The 2 guys currently being painted!

Claw guy! the only fellow to not have a storm shield.
If you look close you can see the blue glow of energy
on his claws.
     Still working on these guys a bit more today and tomorrow. Hope to have them mostly finished by sunday! But so much to do still.... 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Hearthstone

     Finally got beta for Blizzards digital card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. As someone who stopped playing magic a while ago because the games constant power creep, I really wanted something to fullfill my need to play trading card games. Sadly Pokemon isn't going to make a comeback in a while. So what makes hearthstone fun.

     Well the game from the looks of it will be either cheap or free to play, which is awesome. Buying packs of cards works the same way as it does in real life. You can buy booster packs with actual money or earn coins through winning matches and completing daily quest to buy packs. Your guarentee at least one card that's "rare" or better in each pack, you get 5 cards per pack, and a pack is a hundred coins. 

     The game seems like a very big spiritual successor to the World of Warcraft: TCG which is a card game I enjoyed and played with a small group of friends for a while. I still own many of the cards though. So after getting into this and playing through the tutorial I was pretty comfortable with the game mechanics already as it all seemed very familier. The game itself is easy to learn, the GUI is very well designed and the whole experience is very streamlined. The game is also very stylized to match the other Warcraft titles. It does have a bit more of a sense of humour then the other Warcraft titles, but it also might just be more obvious given the theme and setting of the game.

 So the gameplay

     Each player chooses a "class" or hero card. This defines a lot of your abilities and what some of the monsters are. Similar to types in Pokemon or mana in Magic the Gathering. The first player to take out the other players hereos health wins. The player achieves this buy using spells, summoning monsters, and equiping weapons to the hero. In my experience syngergy between cards matters a lot. Just putting out a bunch of strong cards and hoping they kill the guy doesn't generally work. Their seems to be a lot of checks and balances between cards. One thing that one does have to keep in mind though is the game is still in beta and so some cards do change over time.

     So when the game comes out, download it, it's definitly worth a look. It probably won't repalce the joy of going to a magic tournament and losing every round to people with $300+ dollar decks, but it's still enjoyable. It's also a good way you can play a trading card game with friends without having to see you friends. I migh discuss this game more when it comes out of beta, but I cant imagine it changing to much between now and then.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vanguard Veterans (part 1)

     So I got a bunch of new stuff in today, 2 set of MK-III breacher squad marines and MK-III CC weapons set to convert to vanguard vets. Just need to order jump packs. Then I got in a Grenadier squad so I can finally take my DKK as allies, but I'll save work on them for another day. Right now I have washed and separated up the bits, Then it was just cleaning up flash and whatnot and building the vanguard vets.

Some of the close combat weapons in the set. Love
the amount of options. Also those tiny melta bombs amuse

Pistols! Finally have some Phobos pattern bolt pistols
for using in my first company guys. Normal bolt pistols
just wont do.

Shields! Need some IF etched brass.

Breacher squad head compared to some normal MK-III

Mk-III armour body from standard and Breacher/Legion set.

Guns! FW graviton guns are cooler. No idea what the
Las cutters will be used for.

Super chainsword. No idea what I will use this for, but
it mush be used.

Squad Sergeant

 Rest of the guys built up!
 GW Graviton vs FW Graviton.
FW one lookes a bit more "retro" for lack of a better word.

Primed with arms and weapons!

Shields with etched brass.
     Really happy with the MK-III bits, I think It's a really fun theme for my first company. Painting these guys will probably take a while though. Might use these guys to test painting models that look more weathered and damaged. They will be magnetized on the back so they can switch out jump packs and their normal back packs when needed. Will probably continue work on these tomorrow though so more to come then!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Deadzone unboxing and Rebel models

     So my friends copy of Deadzone came (along with my rebel force) and I was amazed at how much stuff they can fit into one box. This box wasn't as big as I thought it would be, and I had mixed feelings about this. But I guess it's okay if all the stuff fits inside safely.

Side of box with all terrain contents

Signed piece of artwork

Inside the box!

Play mat. Or giant mouse pad...

Terrain sprues

4 of the 5 card decks. They forgot to send the Mercenary deck.

Rulebook. It was surprisingly thin.


Rebel models and some mercs built up.

I don't know what he is but he's cool.

Rebels all assembled!
     Pretty cool box over all for what was paid. The plastic/resin stuff that mantic uses is still a bit frustrating and I wish they would use normal plastic or resin like GW. Still much better quality then the Kings of War stuff I tried to build though, so that made me feel better. So now with all these built this week I get to sit down with a friend and play it, and see if it's any good. If anything the terrain is awesome! So yah, totally an awesome box set. The amount of models you get is awesome and some of the marauders (orks) are fun including models for what would be a good meganob. Also commissar ork!