Thursday, January 31, 2013

To much to do, so little time...

     Currently working on two things. One, finishing up the half painted tactical squads and scouts. Two, using an empty paint pot and mixing a color that will work as a solid highlight on the Averland sunset base coat. I also feel like I should get some washs from GW. They make awesome ones and I feel like its something I should have done a long time ago. I just don't want to place an order and pay 9 dollars to ship it for 8 dollars of paint. I think that is silly.

     Have time reserved off for a small 1500 point tourny on the 23 of Febuary. Working on a list with Lysander, 5 termies, Ironclad dreadnought, vanilla dreadnought, 3 tactical squads, and a devastator squad. All heavy weapons are lascannons or plasma cannons. But not sure if that brings enough balance for the tourny. Also need to start thinking about a new 2000 point list. suggestions?

P.s. Sorry for the short post. Its late... Tomorrow I will post full list for those who wouldn't mind critiquing it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dark Vengeance Librarian to Imperial Fist (Conversion Time)

     Okay, so I have several of these guys laying around and I wanted to try a librarian in my army. For test purposes I could have just shoved the DA one in my Imperial fist for a game but I wanted to make one that better fit the army. I'm picky that way. Librarians and Pyskers in general seem to be pretty decent at things in this addition. My only complaint being until they update C:SM, the C:DA Librarian at mastery level 2 is 50 points cheaper. (along with a lot of other core units... But that's a post for another day.)

So I started just scraping off the DA icons and replaced
the shoulder pad. (a huge pain) But it still looked to much
like his DA counterpart.

So I went crazy with a knife and green stuff. Getting the
helmet in was tricky business and could have been done
better if the dremel was working. The new tabard required
some green stuff to fit and look right. Tabard helps him
match my Cataphractii.

 After the converting! The chaos helmet worked nice for this
since it has a bunch of hoses and wires to match the rest of the
 Re primed all but the back pack. Normally would pull old
paint first but just need a really thin layer of primer to help paint
stay put.

This random bit I found for the top of the backpack!
Has the icon for the Inquisition on the back of the book.

All the bits base coated with some detail. Replaced pistol with
a combi-plasma from the cataphractii special weapons. Lots of
extra guns/weapons from those guys.

 With most of the detail compared to his DA brother. (an older
model I painted a while back) I'm rather happy with how this guy
turned out, just need to clean him up some! He is very grim and
bulky looking.

Death from the skies!... If that is alright with you that is...

    Interesting day in the 41st millennium. Apparently a supplement for flyers will be released covering updated rules to the existing that have their rules in either an old codex or White Dwarf. The supplement will also include special rules for dog fights, upgrades (fighter ace upgrades), and scenario's to make better use of your flying machines.

     Now I have mixed feelings about this rumor. That cover photo for the book you see looks nice but its just recycled artwork and could easily have been photo shopped by someone who just wants to troll us all. (Though I find that unlikely) I personally think this book will exist because some of the flyers need a bit of balancing.  Also the Crusade of Fire campaign book had tons of special rules for flyers that can't be used in tournaments and other things because most people don't own the book. I want to get a pair of flyers just so I can have dogfights. Its like adding a special form of challenges but for flyers instead of Captain Ward of the Ultra-Mcnuggets.

     All in all I think it will be a mostly useful "Compendium" and I will Definetly pick one up for review if/when it comes out.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prepping the Crusade. Final stages?

     So, one of the more complicated things I've been working on is the "Crusade of Fire". In my gaming group I've managed (by accident) to become the "GM" for the campaign and be the main person organizing it. The Hardest issue in this was teams. The 3 teams with our group would be heavily imbalanced in favor of the Imperium of man. To circumvent this we took our two Grey Knights players and put them in their own team. Since the Prophets of War join Servants of Ruin for the final battle the Grey Knights will join the Imperium and balance things out in the end.

Crusade of Fire:
Imperial Fist (C:Space Marines)
Flesh Terrors (C:Blood Angels)
Black Templar (C:Black Templar(redundancy!))

Servants of Ruin:
Black Legion (C: Chaos Space Marines)
Death Guard (C: Chaos Space Marines)
The Fallen (C: Dark Angels)

Prophets of War: (They are both just always necrons, no specific dynasty sadly)

The Ordo Malleus:
The forces of Kaldor Draigo (C: Grey Knights)
The forces of Castellan Crowe (C: Grey Knights)

Yes the CoF and the SoR have 1 more person then the GK and Necrons but we've found that they seem to have the more powerful codex's. Though Chaos SM seem to have gotten a lot better with 6th against GK. Also our Flesh Terrors player and Fallen player both only have about 1500 points and have less models then everyone else so everything should be able to be balanced out. The Necrons as the Prophets of war is because the people playing them are the only 2 people who actively play a not Imperium/Chaos force.

     The Ordo Malleus and Grey Knights normally keep to themselves. After sub-sector went dark they managed to figure out the true threat was the demon prince of nurgle and not just some traitor legions and heretics. They now fight to control the sub-sector in an attempt to contain knowledge of the true threat and fight back the warp. Only in times of great need do they team up with the other forces of the Imperium  as it jeopardizethe secrecy of their mission.

Out to work and High Elf update!

     Apologies to any who follow or read this for now posting for several days now. Work has kept me busier then I would like and I had some personal matters to attend to. On the bright side of things I have pictures and stuff to show off and later a post on the Crusade of Fire that starts in just less then 2 weeks. Something that I'm more then excited for! 

Finished painting my "Lady Liadrin" for my High Elves 
army, She counts as a noble with an obsidian blade.

A High Elf prince on a griffon that came with IoB set.
One of the models I've been procrastinating on. Partly 
because I probably won't field it that often. But I still
thought it was cool.

Base shades! Painted the rider to represent a Blood Knight
Champion since his armour match that of the Hoeth guys so

And mostly finished! I know its not a lot of pics and I
hardly go over the colors and whatnot I use... I tend to
get so into the painting I forget to take pictures until its

     Next week I'm finally going to be building a gaming table and some terrain as well. Going to try and get my brother and some other people into 40K and thought it would help to have a surface to play on in my apartment. The biggest problem of trying to get a 4x6' table in my apartment is I can't just leave it up. So we need to make it come apart somehow....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lady Liadrin found! (first Reaper mini)

      So in order to make my high elf army unique I wanted to find some more interesting models for my special characters. Ones that more or less fit the Warcraft Blood Elf theme I'm going for. Lately I've been keeping my eye out for such things and found some mini's made by reaper that would fit very well for this. But I just haven't been able to get my self to order them. Today I found the one I wanted to use for Lady Liadrin, The Matriarch of the Blood Knight Order.

My reference picture of Lady Liadrin during the retaking of the Sunwell.

 The model I found reaper makes. Picture courtesy of their website.

The version of the model I found at my local shop.

Add glue and done!
     To be honest I was worried she would be to small or the wrong scale in any way and that's part of the reason I didn't order the model yet. Now that I know these models work I can order some more to make my army a little different. The amount of detail on it is great and I think its a fitting model for the character I need. I look forward to painting it now. =P

Thursday, January 24, 2013

High elves! My army of the Sin'dorei

     So one of the project I've been putting off for a while is my WFB army. So today I finished priming them. Some were already primed and painted but not all. Also all of the models I have are from the Island of Blood set. I wasn't originally going to run High Elves, but the High Elves had some potential to be converted to look like the Blood Elves (Sin'dorei) from the Warcraft series. The conversions now are more minor but over time I plan to make these guys stand out.

Prince on Gryphon and a wizard that will act as my model for
Grand Magister Rommath. 

Mounted Silvermoon guards 

 Swordmen of Hoeth to represent the Blood Knights of Lady Liadren.
If anyone know where I can find a model that would fit here I'd appreciate it.

Sea guard to represent the better armed infantry of Silvermoons armies.

     Tomorrow I will post with more of them painted and a few of the idea for conversions and special characters! Hopefully an update on the Crusade of Fire plans as well.

Heart of the Swarm.

     I just thought I'd share this as its FRIGGEN AWESOME and Starcraft (and Warcraft) is one of the series that made me love strategy games and later in life Warhammer.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Painting the Hellbrute. Part 2.

Okay, to start off this post here is the Hellbrute as of yesterday.
Today the goal was to finish the majority of the details.

 The first part of finishing this was painting all the trim. Yesterday
I was using straight up gold and it was to bright so I redid it all in a
more bronze looking color.


Here I touched up the bronze a bit and colored all the bones
and horns brown. Later it will be dry brushed!

 Backside 2! Still not its good side though.

 Here it is with the wash and the highlights from dry brushing
the horns. Definetly looks more like the gritty unpolished beast
the Iron Warriors would be proud of.

     After all that the last thing to really do is some boring touch up stuff and add a gloss varnish to things like the eyes, blood, and tentacles. (Can't have non slimy tentacles!) Any tips on improving it are welcome! Not the greatest painter but I think this was one of my favorite projects to work on. Also I really want to make a chaos army now.

     On a side not I guess I will no longer be going to the tournament this weekend as some personal stuff and work decided to creep up on me. In the mean time though there is always M.a.g.e.-con Spring coming up here in April.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Painting the Hellbrute. Part 1.

 Okay, so before the painting started I decide to dress up the base.
Meet Private Ward. Poor guy had is legs destroyed and is trying to
crawl away from the Crazed Hellbrute.
 Primed it in white. Would have done black but all out of it and no
dollars as rent is due.

 Red and silver applied to the main areas of Hellbrute. Looks more
like a Word Bearers Hellbrute then Iron Warriors.

 Adding the rest of the Leadbelcher to the armour sections and did 2 lairs
of dry brushing using a lighter pink/red color each time.

 Third drybruch layer of pink added. The lightest I think I'll go with it. 
Also started to paint base colors of some of the other parts.

Still working on trim, all base shades are colored in though. Once 
armour trim is done I'm going to do wash's and shading as well as
clean up the chevrons a bit.

     All in all I'm happy with how this conversion is coming together. I think autocannon are awesome and I think this will be a good first model for my Iron Warriors. Next month I think I will get a Warpsmith HQ and some troops. Not looking forward to buying havocs since they don't come in plastic now. Going to buy a dev squad probably and use the guns on Chaos Marines or trade my friend for some auto cannons.

Anyways. I'll finish this tomorrow probably. Its Skyrim time!

Conversion time! Iron Warriors Hellbrute

     Okay, so today I have something a little different. Last Sunday my friend gave me one of his 8 Hellbrutes (Because you really only need 7 right?) and I've wanted to slow grow a Chaos Space Marine army for a while as Iron Warriors. I think it will be fun to field Imperial Fist some days and the Iron Warriors the next. As you may know there is only one Hellbrute model from Dark Vengeance and its getting boring to look at, and while I can't change the pose I can spruce it up and change its load out. So I decided Reaper auto cannon because they're just cool and a missile launcher.

So here he is before he went under the knife.

First thing I did was cut of his power fist and fit the front bit to the
Drop pod missile launcher into the space. It fits almost perfectly.

 After the missile launcher was glued in I removed the barrels and 
area around them. (but kept the barrels intact) Then some Heavy bolter 
clips where attached.

 I wanted this guy to have the feel of a Venerable dreadnought, a veteran 
of the Great Crusade and the Heresy. To help with this I added the top banner 
which is just a normal Chaos Icon on a banner pole. The banner pole is glued into a 
hole drilled into the top of the Hellbrute.

 Now to add the auto cannon. To Do this I took some plastic tubing and added the
melta barrels to the end and some blades from a kroot weapon I didn't understand.
(Still not sure how kroot bits got in my collection)

Then Lastly here it is all put together and some greenstuff to hide the cuts
and seems built up around the barrels and missile launcher to help blend it into
the fleshy bits of the guy.

     Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will be able to get around to priming and painting this fella. Also I think he needs a name....

Monday, January 21, 2013

Imperial Fist Vs. Black Templar

     Played 40K tonight in a relatively short game at my friends house. My Imperial Fist space marines versus his Black Templar. Game started with mission type 1 and 4, 3 point objectives. Black Templars deployed first with a very mech heavy list. (2 LR crusaders, 2 TL-Lascannon razorbacks, 1 all las predator, and 3 speeders but only 2, 5 man troops squads) After I deployed I managed to steal the initiative and go first.

     Turn 1 I dropped in my Ironclad with drop pod, shot a melta round directly into side of one of the land raiders and pen'd it, It exploded and killed 1 of the termies inside. Fired another lascannon in a Tactical squad and managed to pen and explode the other land raider with his command squad. The game went on like this for some time, my tactical squads and dreadnought dying to his terminators while I killed all his transports before they could cross center field. By the end of turn 3 all his infantry were in the open and clear shots for my tac squads and devastators. Then assaults happened...

     Turn 4 my Terminators and Lysander finally come in and scatted away from his warlord and into his terminators which are a mixture of TH/SS and claws. Needless to say they chewed through my termies who were all just standard power fist/storm bolters. His warlord and Emperors champion then preceded to finish off a full tactical squad with chaplain by bottom of turn 5. Didn't roll for turn 6 as I held 3 of the objectives and had first blood bringing score around 10 to 1. Mostly based on luck with knocking out those land raiders and lack of scoring units on other team. Fun game though and I still like Black Templar, and might get some to run as allies. Would have got more pics but camera was acting up.

Soon I will have reports on Crusade of Fire, the campaign begins February 10th. (hopefully)

P.S. Will be at tournament at Vermi-con in Vermilion SD for a 40K tourny next weekend. Will probably give me something fun to talk about!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cataphractii Complete! (Almost...)

     Finally got these guys painted to the point I can use them. Still really want to do some shading but trying to find a good mix to highlight the Averland Sunset. Would also like to get an assault cannon converted or maybe a rotary gun to use as an assault cannon once FW makes those available. In the mean time since these guys are for 40K and not 30K the Auto cannon will have to proxy as one. 

During the WIP after coloring everything yellow!

Genestealer in Terminator armour. Cheesiness!
     If anyone has a suggestion as to how better highlight the armour on these guys I'd greatly appreciate it. Dry brushing doesn't work well with yellow and I'm not that great of a painter. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Skyrim and cheese.


     I think my biggest distraction from tabletop gaming and magic is the terrible time eater thing called Skyrim. I played Oblivion some and while it was fun the interface and GUI were so terribly designed that after some odd hours of trying to remember which button did what on my Xbox I gave up. Now fast forward some odd years later to the Elder Scrolls: V came out on 11-11-11 and dang. This is a single player game that has taken up more of my life in a few weeks then WoW.

     I didn't get Skyrim until a while after its initial release and didn't start to really get into it until Dawnguard was released. When Dawnguard came out though I bought it because I wanted a crossbow. Crossbows are awesome and I wanted to feel like Van Helsing. Never did I imagine though that I would get sucked into the adventures and crazy antics like I didm, like sneaking into people's houses and using "FUS RO DAH" to mess up their living rooms then running out of the house before the guards come. Yes I am that easily entertained. But my favorite and newest shenanigan is going to be filling Dragonsreach with cheese. Yes I know you can do this on PC rather easily but on Xbox with out cheating it takes a long time. But I've managed to steal all the cheese I've found so far and have more in my house then my character could ever carry. The thing I need to consider now is how much is enough cheese? Do I wait until the final DLC? When I've finished most of the quest and taken more cheese then will actually fit in my players house? Should I set a set number of pieces of cheese i need to have to accomplish this? How much cheese does it take to crash an Xbox?

    Now cheese adventures and odd obsessions aside. Dragonborn is a much larger and more fulfilling DLC in my opinion. Dawnguard felt like a few extra quest and some new items tacked in, but Dragonborns addition of Solstheim really makes it stand out. Yes the Island isn't the biggest island ever but its big enough to have a lot of pointless adventures on and its made me quite happy. I can't wait to see what they add in the next DLC. Hopefully soon we can help free the Empire and Skyrim from the Aldmeri Dominion. Lets hope!

Cataphractii Terminator WIP

     I finally got my Cataphractii Terminators just the other day and thought I'd post some pics from the progress on them. While I don't think my Ebay ones are legit Forgeworld ones its hard to tell some times. Very excited to get these models painted in the golden yellow of the Sons of Dorn and get them on the tabletop though.
All the bits and sprues I got, all together cost me about $50 USD, not bad all
all considering the normal price. Lots of extra bits to.

 The first thing I did is get one of the guys primed and set up just to see how well
pieces went together and cleaned up. Using Auto cannon as proxy assault cannon
until I can convert one for these guys.

 This picture is a comparison of the Cataphractii model with a  Lysander and an
Indomitus pattern Terminator from AoBR.

 Rest of the models and bits I'm using primed. Everything else was set off to
the side for conversions and whatnot.

Last picture has base coats of each color on the heavy weapons guy and
the sergeant. Everyone else just has their yellow on their bodies but not
much else. Will post later with more progress as day continues.

     On sort of a side note. I have 5 extra combi-weapons from these guys and some power weapons. I fitted one combi-plasma to use on a DA Interrogator Chaplain that will count as the "Lions Roar" relic weapon. given the older style I think these will be great bits for conversions and custom commanders.