Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Been out to long

     Been a couple of days since I posted, as I have been a bit busy this last week. Something to do with these things called work and collage...

     I have to say I'm disappointed with myself though as I don't have much to report on. Our local gaming stores order of GW stuff got lost and now I'm without my new Dark Angels models and codex. Still really looking forward to getting my Death wing command squad box and Belial though.

    Played a game of 40K this last Sunday though against Eldar for the first time which was very fun, but again my army did bad late game do to its inability to do well in assaults. The game type was capture the relic and looking back on it I should not have just charged in with all 4 tactical squads, those war walker things are brutal in CC. I'm not really sure how to fix the CC problem though without adding more expensive terminators and cutting out tactical squads or my Ironclad.

back to homework now... Programming can be tedious. Will post again tomorrow with DA codex thoughts.

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