Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cataphractii Terminator WIP

     I finally got my Cataphractii Terminators just the other day and thought I'd post some pics from the progress on them. While I don't think my Ebay ones are legit Forgeworld ones its hard to tell some times. Very excited to get these models painted in the golden yellow of the Sons of Dorn and get them on the tabletop though.
All the bits and sprues I got, all together cost me about $50 USD, not bad all
all considering the normal price. Lots of extra bits to.

 The first thing I did is get one of the guys primed and set up just to see how well
pieces went together and cleaned up. Using Auto cannon as proxy assault cannon
until I can convert one for these guys.

 This picture is a comparison of the Cataphractii model with a  Lysander and an
Indomitus pattern Terminator from AoBR.

 Rest of the models and bits I'm using primed. Everything else was set off to
the side for conversions and whatnot.

Last picture has base coats of each color on the heavy weapons guy and
the sergeant. Everyone else just has their yellow on their bodies but not
much else. Will post later with more progress as day continues.

     On sort of a side note. I have 5 extra combi-weapons from these guys and some power weapons. I fitted one combi-plasma to use on a DA Interrogator Chaplain that will count as the "Lions Roar" relic weapon. given the older style I think these will be great bits for conversions and custom commanders.

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