Thursday, January 17, 2013

Codex: Dark Angels 6th Edition

     So after finally getting my hands on the Dark Angels codex, I'll be happy to get some love and new units into my very much unappreciated army. Everything from the warlord traits to the different banners and relics has me really excited to play with these guys more, but it gets me excited about another thing as well. The DA codex will give us a good look into how the Codex: Space Marines will pan out as a lot of the books will probably share cost for things like Devastator squads and Tactical Squads. In fact if dev squads in the next C:SM book  I'll save about 30-40 points a squad and at least 10 points for each tactical squad.

     You probably want to know what the DA have now though. The rules for the flyers, speeders, and what have you are all here. Deathwing command squads fully kitted out are 300 points or more depending which standards and other stuff you take. You could make a 10 man squad of them for 550-600 points if you tried hard enough. Deathwing Knights cost  about 15 points more then the normal guys and have all their funny maces and flails (not a lot here to upgrade), and the normal squads are pretty much the same but a few more special rules and plasma cannons for 15 points instead of the normal heavy weapons.

    The HQ units all have their own relics and fancy items though only Belial really has options. Azrael is expensive at 215 points but can choose a warlord trait from the DA book and he can take both Ravenwing and Deathwing as troops, so if you want a balanced force he's your man. Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus was also FAQ'd to have rules today, he cost 125 points but has a plasma pistol and replaces the Zealot special rule with Litanies of the Dark Angels. For those of you who like to make your own company commanders but need them to have some extra punch, the DA now have their own chapter relics and fancy items including a combi-plasma CANNON. (I will find a way to utilize this.)

     Ravenwing.... To be honest I neglect these guys. The models are cool or odd in the chaos of the hover chapel thing but they just aren't my style. I'm sure someone else will cover them in another blog somewhere though so it will all be okay.

     All in all I'm happy with this release, and I think this book is awesome! My hat is off GW.

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