Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Conversion time! Iron Warriors Hellbrute

     Okay, so today I have something a little different. Last Sunday my friend gave me one of his 8 Hellbrutes (Because you really only need 7 right?) and I've wanted to slow grow a Chaos Space Marine army for a while as Iron Warriors. I think it will be fun to field Imperial Fist some days and the Iron Warriors the next. As you may know there is only one Hellbrute model from Dark Vengeance and its getting boring to look at, and while I can't change the pose I can spruce it up and change its load out. So I decided Reaper auto cannon because they're just cool and a missile launcher.

So here he is before he went under the knife.

First thing I did was cut of his power fist and fit the front bit to the
Drop pod missile launcher into the space. It fits almost perfectly.

 After the missile launcher was glued in I removed the barrels and 
area around them. (but kept the barrels intact) Then some Heavy bolter 
clips where attached.

 I wanted this guy to have the feel of a Venerable dreadnought, a veteran 
of the Great Crusade and the Heresy. To help with this I added the top banner 
which is just a normal Chaos Icon on a banner pole. The banner pole is glued into a 
hole drilled into the top of the Hellbrute.

 Now to add the auto cannon. To Do this I took some plastic tubing and added the
melta barrels to the end and some blades from a kroot weapon I didn't understand.
(Still not sure how kroot bits got in my collection)

Then Lastly here it is all put together and some greenstuff to hide the cuts
and seems built up around the barrels and missile launcher to help blend it into
the fleshy bits of the guy.

     Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will be able to get around to priming and painting this fella. Also I think he needs a name....

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