Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dark Vengeance Librarian to Imperial Fist (Conversion Time)

     Okay, so I have several of these guys laying around and I wanted to try a librarian in my army. For test purposes I could have just shoved the DA one in my Imperial fist for a game but I wanted to make one that better fit the army. I'm picky that way. Librarians and Pyskers in general seem to be pretty decent at things in this addition. My only complaint being until they update C:SM, the C:DA Librarian at mastery level 2 is 50 points cheaper. (along with a lot of other core units... But that's a post for another day.)

So I started just scraping off the DA icons and replaced
the shoulder pad. (a huge pain) But it still looked to much
like his DA counterpart.

So I went crazy with a knife and green stuff. Getting the
helmet in was tricky business and could have been done
better if the dremel was working. The new tabard required
some green stuff to fit and look right. Tabard helps him
match my Cataphractii.

 After the converting! The chaos helmet worked nice for this
since it has a bunch of hoses and wires to match the rest of the
 Re primed all but the back pack. Normally would pull old
paint first but just need a really thin layer of primer to help paint
stay put.

This random bit I found for the top of the backpack!
Has the icon for the Inquisition on the back of the book.

All the bits base coated with some detail. Replaced pistol with
a combi-plasma from the cataphractii special weapons. Lots of
extra guns/weapons from those guys.

 With most of the detail compared to his DA brother. (an older
model I painted a while back) I'm rather happy with how this guy
turned out, just need to clean him up some! He is very grim and
bulky looking.

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