Thursday, January 24, 2013

High elves! My army of the Sin'dorei

     So one of the project I've been putting off for a while is my WFB army. So today I finished priming them. Some were already primed and painted but not all. Also all of the models I have are from the Island of Blood set. I wasn't originally going to run High Elves, but the High Elves had some potential to be converted to look like the Blood Elves (Sin'dorei) from the Warcraft series. The conversions now are more minor but over time I plan to make these guys stand out.

Prince on Gryphon and a wizard that will act as my model for
Grand Magister Rommath. 

Mounted Silvermoon guards 

 Swordmen of Hoeth to represent the Blood Knights of Lady Liadren.
If anyone know where I can find a model that would fit here I'd appreciate it.

Sea guard to represent the better armed infantry of Silvermoons armies.

     Tomorrow I will post with more of them painted and a few of the idea for conversions and special characters! Hopefully an update on the Crusade of Fire plans as well.

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