Monday, January 21, 2013

Imperial Fist Vs. Black Templar

     Played 40K tonight in a relatively short game at my friends house. My Imperial Fist space marines versus his Black Templar. Game started with mission type 1 and 4, 3 point objectives. Black Templars deployed first with a very mech heavy list. (2 LR crusaders, 2 TL-Lascannon razorbacks, 1 all las predator, and 3 speeders but only 2, 5 man troops squads) After I deployed I managed to steal the initiative and go first.

     Turn 1 I dropped in my Ironclad with drop pod, shot a melta round directly into side of one of the land raiders and pen'd it, It exploded and killed 1 of the termies inside. Fired another lascannon in a Tactical squad and managed to pen and explode the other land raider with his command squad. The game went on like this for some time, my tactical squads and dreadnought dying to his terminators while I killed all his transports before they could cross center field. By the end of turn 3 all his infantry were in the open and clear shots for my tac squads and devastators. Then assaults happened...

     Turn 4 my Terminators and Lysander finally come in and scatted away from his warlord and into his terminators which are a mixture of TH/SS and claws. Needless to say they chewed through my termies who were all just standard power fist/storm bolters. His warlord and Emperors champion then preceded to finish off a full tactical squad with chaplain by bottom of turn 5. Didn't roll for turn 6 as I held 3 of the objectives and had first blood bringing score around 10 to 1. Mostly based on luck with knocking out those land raiders and lack of scoring units on other team. Fun game though and I still like Black Templar, and might get some to run as allies. Would have got more pics but camera was acting up.

Soon I will have reports on Crusade of Fire, the campaign begins February 10th. (hopefully)

P.S. Will be at tournament at Vermi-con in Vermilion SD for a 40K tourny next weekend. Will probably give me something fun to talk about!

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