Friday, January 4, 2013

Never forget, never forgive.

   Dark Angels went up for advance order today with their new codex and all their sexy new models. While I don't have as much money as I'd like to spend on these I plan to pick up a Codex and a Death wing command squad box. to actually use as a command squad. (will get a box for the knights later.) Will probably also get Belial but his feet look funny and he cost a dollar more then Lysander did.
     While I haven't seen the new codex first hand yet though I'm very happy with the new stuff being released. The Dark Angels now have what they need to stand apart from my normal vanilla space marines. The new flyer is miles better then the toilet seat the normal marines get and while still unsure of the new speeder I like the look of those plasma cannons on it. They look like they would make Chaos Space Marines very sad very quickly.
    I think the only complain I have aside from the normal ones about the cost of GW products is the terminators. I don't mind them but after forge world made the Cataphractii, Justaerin, and Tartaros terminator armor they just seem rather boring and bulky. I think the main thing I dislike about standard terminator armour though is the head, I'd much rather stick a MK-IV or MK II helmet in them.

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