Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Painting the Hellbrute. Part 1.

 Okay, so before the painting started I decide to dress up the base.
Meet Private Ward. Poor guy had is legs destroyed and is trying to
crawl away from the Crazed Hellbrute.
 Primed it in white. Would have done black but all out of it and no
dollars as rent is due.

 Red and silver applied to the main areas of Hellbrute. Looks more
like a Word Bearers Hellbrute then Iron Warriors.

 Adding the rest of the Leadbelcher to the armour sections and did 2 lairs
of dry brushing using a lighter pink/red color each time.

 Third drybruch layer of pink added. The lightest I think I'll go with it. 
Also started to paint base colors of some of the other parts.

Still working on trim, all base shades are colored in though. Once 
armour trim is done I'm going to do wash's and shading as well as
clean up the chevrons a bit.

     All in all I'm happy with how this conversion is coming together. I think autocannon are awesome and I think this will be a good first model for my Iron Warriors. Next month I think I will get a Warpsmith HQ and some troops. Not looking forward to buying havocs since they don't come in plastic now. Going to buy a dev squad probably and use the guns on Chaos Marines or trade my friend for some auto cannons.

Anyways. I'll finish this tomorrow probably. Its Skyrim time!

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