Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Painting the Hellbrute. Part 2.

Okay, to start off this post here is the Hellbrute as of yesterday.
Today the goal was to finish the majority of the details.

 The first part of finishing this was painting all the trim. Yesterday
I was using straight up gold and it was to bright so I redid it all in a
more bronze looking color.


Here I touched up the bronze a bit and colored all the bones
and horns brown. Later it will be dry brushed!

 Backside 2! Still not its good side though.

 Here it is with the wash and the highlights from dry brushing
the horns. Definetly looks more like the gritty unpolished beast
the Iron Warriors would be proud of.

     After all that the last thing to really do is some boring touch up stuff and add a gloss varnish to things like the eyes, blood, and tentacles. (Can't have non slimy tentacles!) Any tips on improving it are welcome! Not the greatest painter but I think this was one of my favorite projects to work on. Also I really want to make a chaos army now.

     On a side not I guess I will no longer be going to the tournament this weekend as some personal stuff and work decided to creep up on me. In the mean time though there is always M.a.g.e.-con Spring coming up here in April.

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