Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prepping the Crusade. Final stages?

     So, one of the more complicated things I've been working on is the "Crusade of Fire". In my gaming group I've managed (by accident) to become the "GM" for the campaign and be the main person organizing it. The Hardest issue in this was teams. The 3 teams with our group would be heavily imbalanced in favor of the Imperium of man. To circumvent this we took our two Grey Knights players and put them in their own team. Since the Prophets of War join Servants of Ruin for the final battle the Grey Knights will join the Imperium and balance things out in the end.

Crusade of Fire:
Imperial Fist (C:Space Marines)
Flesh Terrors (C:Blood Angels)
Black Templar (C:Black Templar(redundancy!))

Servants of Ruin:
Black Legion (C: Chaos Space Marines)
Death Guard (C: Chaos Space Marines)
The Fallen (C: Dark Angels)

Prophets of War: (They are both just always necrons, no specific dynasty sadly)

The Ordo Malleus:
The forces of Kaldor Draigo (C: Grey Knights)
The forces of Castellan Crowe (C: Grey Knights)

Yes the CoF and the SoR have 1 more person then the GK and Necrons but we've found that they seem to have the more powerful codex's. Though Chaos SM seem to have gotten a lot better with 6th against GK. Also our Flesh Terrors player and Fallen player both only have about 1500 points and have less models then everyone else so everything should be able to be balanced out. The Necrons as the Prophets of war is because the people playing them are the only 2 people who actively play a not Imperium/Chaos force.

     The Ordo Malleus and Grey Knights normally keep to themselves. After sub-sector went dark they managed to figure out the true threat was the demon prince of nurgle and not just some traitor legions and heretics. They now fight to control the sub-sector in an attempt to contain knowledge of the true threat and fight back the warp. Only in times of great need do they team up with the other forces of the Imperium  as it jeopardizethe secrecy of their mission.

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