Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prepping for the crusade.

      In preparation for the Crusade of Fire campaign at my friends I've been buying more units I don't normally use to help make up for all the odd scenario's and condition that will appear in the different games. Over the holiday I picked up a box of sniper scouts, and a drop pod. The Drop pod will be used for my Ironclad dreadnought so he can deep strike in with the terminators. The scouts are going to be an interesting thing to figure out because I've just never used them or cared for them much. I just kinda think they look cool and they fill a troop slot nicely.
Poor Ironclad needs an arm =/
The scouts need paint. (Actually a lot of my stuff needs paint...)

    Another thing I have coming which I'm very very excited about is 5 cataphractii terminators with power fist. Also have the special weapons for them though I don't know if I can really use those since termies don't have to many options in codex. I plan to use them as a retinue to Lysander, and eventually maybe a 30k army. They look so awesome....

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