Saturday, January 19, 2013

Skyrim and cheese.


     I think my biggest distraction from tabletop gaming and magic is the terrible time eater thing called Skyrim. I played Oblivion some and while it was fun the interface and GUI were so terribly designed that after some odd hours of trying to remember which button did what on my Xbox I gave up. Now fast forward some odd years later to the Elder Scrolls: V came out on 11-11-11 and dang. This is a single player game that has taken up more of my life in a few weeks then WoW.

     I didn't get Skyrim until a while after its initial release and didn't start to really get into it until Dawnguard was released. When Dawnguard came out though I bought it because I wanted a crossbow. Crossbows are awesome and I wanted to feel like Van Helsing. Never did I imagine though that I would get sucked into the adventures and crazy antics like I didm, like sneaking into people's houses and using "FUS RO DAH" to mess up their living rooms then running out of the house before the guards come. Yes I am that easily entertained. But my favorite and newest shenanigan is going to be filling Dragonsreach with cheese. Yes I know you can do this on PC rather easily but on Xbox with out cheating it takes a long time. But I've managed to steal all the cheese I've found so far and have more in my house then my character could ever carry. The thing I need to consider now is how much is enough cheese? Do I wait until the final DLC? When I've finished most of the quest and taken more cheese then will actually fit in my players house? Should I set a set number of pieces of cheese i need to have to accomplish this? How much cheese does it take to crash an Xbox?

    Now cheese adventures and odd obsessions aside. Dragonborn is a much larger and more fulfilling DLC in my opinion. Dawnguard felt like a few extra quest and some new items tacked in, but Dragonborns addition of Solstheim really makes it stand out. Yes the Island isn't the biggest island ever but its big enough to have a lot of pointless adventures on and its made me quite happy. I can't wait to see what they add in the next DLC. Hopefully soon we can help free the Empire and Skyrim from the Aldmeri Dominion. Lets hope!

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