Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Out to work and High Elf update!

     Apologies to any who follow or read this for now posting for several days now. Work has kept me busier then I would like and I had some personal matters to attend to. On the bright side of things I have pictures and stuff to show off and later a post on the Crusade of Fire that starts in just less then 2 weeks. Something that I'm more then excited for! 

Finished painting my "Lady Liadrin" for my High Elves 
army, She counts as a noble with an obsidian blade.

A High Elf prince on a griffon that came with IoB set.
One of the models I've been procrastinating on. Partly 
because I probably won't field it that often. But I still
thought it was cool.

Base shades! Painted the rider to represent a Blood Knight
Champion since his armour match that of the Hoeth guys so

And mostly finished! I know its not a lot of pics and I
hardly go over the colors and whatnot I use... I tend to
get so into the painting I forget to take pictures until its

     Next week I'm finally going to be building a gaming table and some terrain as well. Going to try and get my brother and some other people into 40K and thought it would help to have a surface to play on in my apartment. The biggest problem of trying to get a 4x6' table in my apartment is I can't just leave it up. So we need to make it come apart somehow....

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