Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conversion Time! (Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader)

     One of my goals with my Imperial Fist army is to convey the siege mastery the chapter is known for. An idea I really liked was the boarding shields on the tactical squads I saw in the crusade of fire book. Small thing like that help the army stand out. So while I don't have the money to do the same thing with my squads, I'm going to try and convey the same feeling with some of my other units. Firstly my land raider. I wanted to make it look a bot more armored then normal and attach a siege shield to the front of it. The top piece can also be removed to be switched out with the version with the demolisher cannon I need to redo. 

So here is the basic shield in place. This is the most complex
thing I've ever made from plasticard. The top piece where the
turret sits is from a rhino kit and it seemed to fit perfectly
sideways on the model.

Here it is all primed with some Averland Sunset on the front.
Was disappointed to see it came out overly orange. Not sure
why but that paint color does that sometimes...
 Here it is with it all painted with basecoats!
 And... lastly the Fist transfer to help represent the chapter!

     I plan to muddy it up and touch up on the paint a bit more tomorrow but I think this is enough for now. It's good to step back from a project to think and rethink the plans for it and if something is really necessary.
Only real downside to the conversion is it looks like a really big rhino tank now in a way...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conversions, plans, and Necrons.

    Okay, so in the meantime my camera is out and I can't update my painting progress so I'm going to hold off on that until tomorrow afternoon when I can get that all figure out. Been busy working the last couple days, as I need some extra money to finish fixing my truck. The company I work for is also planning on expanding into another city and I have to help in that in some parts.

     Conversions! My favorite part of this hobby is converting things. I need to get better with both plasticard and greenstuff but practice with these materials will help. I finally got shoulder pads coming in the mail for my Interrogator-Chaplain, but I had to buy a pack of 10 just to get two. The only up side to this is I will have extra's if I want to magnetize some cataphractii later. This guy is one of my favorite conversions though and I really like how he turned out. I will post an update with him finished when the parts come.

     Also started work on making a piece to fit over the front of my Land Raider for my Imperial Fist. The piece raises up the assault cannon and adds the demolisher cannon to the front. This when paired with the flamers allows me to run my LR as a Land Raider Ares. Something I've wanted to test for a while. It might help when fighting Necrons. I'll post pics of this and the turret for the Land Raider Achilles I want to get finished. The idea is to have one land raider that can be given the load out to handle any situation. I'm very close to achieving this I hope.

     One issue I've been having on the table top is Necrons. I don't find them fun to play against at all. Between the Mind-shackle scarab, re-animation (like feel no pain but better), and their main infantries main weapon always being able to hurt vehicles, there is just no good way to handle them as a space marine player. My Ironclad either has to walk across the field or drop pod in and either way he dies before he can assault. Same with my terminators. I can fix this with Lysander and his by shoving them in a LR but I don't know how to help the Ironclad. Any idea's anyone?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Painting and constructing my Deathwing! (part 1)

     While I may not have one anything over the weekend I did finally pick up the Deathwing kit I needed to finish out my army. I was a bit worried I would need two of them just to have enough bits to convert Tartaros termies for command squad and Cataphractii for Knights but it seems to have everything I need! Except the resin kits. 

The sprues! The pic may be a bit hard to see but there
was a lot to fit into it.

Started building a new sergeant for my second squad,
4 normal Deathwing Terminators, and the Watcher in the
Dark just because.

Basic assembly mostly done. Heads and guns left off for
painting. The Heavy weapons guy is magnetized so now
each squad has 1 magnetized heavy weapons guy.

 Just to make sure it would work I took a break from the
terminators to test putting the shields on the cataphractii
arms. With some effort it worked perfectly and no I can
safely order the cataphractii models.

The back of the shields where the arm attaches. Had to
completely remove the arm the shields came on. I did leave
the hand though.

With the construction finished I primed all the bits and
pieces white.

I tested the Seraphim Sepia wash I finally bought on the
sergeant after getting his base colors of bleached bone and
Dark Angels green painted on.

The pretty much finished watcher in the dark. This guy
while really simple was kind of fun and looks cool. Also
if you look in the background I added the cloak from the
Deathwing kit to my termy chaplain. Really helped the

     Overall I think this is the coolest GW kit I've purchased. The amount of detail and bits is amazing and it shows that they almost don't need find cast to things really nice. Though the Finecast detail is a lot sharper I must say.

Tournament from Saturday!

     Finally awake and have some of my energy back from the tournament yesterday. Being out of town that long can be quite tiring when you don't do it often. Either way I think the people at the the Game Shoppe did an awesome job on the event. I'm a bit sad to say I didn't place very well out of the 18 people who participated in the event, but I didn't lose a single match! I won 1 match and tied for 2 others. The amount of close games was astonishing to me.

     One of the things that made this event fun for me though was playing armies I don't normally see. In this case Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar. While I don't have as many pics as I would like, (most are on my friends camera) I did get 2 from my first ever game playing Imperial Guard. Who ever says mech list are dead haven't tried to fight an IG tank list. The game was going off of kill points and I kept my marines hidden in a small city scape in my deployment zone and only had the las cannons out to take pot shots at the tanks. But it didn't do much, so by the end way tied.

    The second game was against a Space Marine player and the game type was capture the relic. Using an Ironclad and drop pod and a lot of running I managed to stick the bulk of my list right by the objective turn one. The terrain heavy board bottle necked my opponents troops and stopped him from putting his drop pods anywhere to crazy. I would have tabled him but I couldn't seem to shoot down his pair of storm talons.

    My third game was another terrain heavy table in a bombed out city, I wish I would have had pics. The game was against Dark Eldar and because of all the dangerous/difficult terrain all of his army was in a 2x2 section of the bored with only one real clear path out of his deployment zone. This caused problems because his entire army was 5 squads in transports and 2 odd gunship things that looked like the transports. The game was "Big guns never tire" and we had 5 objectives, all of which were close to center of table. I managed to trap my opponents ships by dropping my Ironclad and drop pod in the only safe place for him to move transports through. This way he would be forced to kill me or risk difficult terrain test. Then on turn 2 I managed to deep strike my termies in and attack his transports from behind. all in all I managed to tie him up like this in his deployment for 5 turns then the game ended. Oddly enough it was another tie as he managed to get several secondary objectives.

Friday, February 22, 2013


     Tomorrow I will be gone all day at a tournament at a game shop in Omaha  Will take lots of pictures and whatnot though so when I come back I have plenty to talk about. Will also finally be picking up a Deathwing box set assuming they have one to sell me. Heck, maybe if I win I can get some other stuff I need as well. (Belial?)

Horus Heresy

     So, today Forgeworld released another fantastic model set, Abaddon and Loken. I think the diorama and models do an awesome job and portraying their dual on Isstvan. The sculpts are plain fantastic, and the new Abaddon model really makes the finecast ones age show. Would like to see some conversions of this one to make it more chaosy for current rule sets. The only thing now is the more non Deathguard models FW make the harder it is to decide on what legion I want to do. I think I'm still going to stick with Deathguard though. Maybe next month I can start on that project!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


     Short post on a new, but slightly random project I did today. These to guys have had holes drilled in the torso's where their arms go. Magnets were then placed inside the torso's and on the ends of the arms. Now they can take any of the weapons present in this picture simply by snapping them into place. Tutorial tomorrow on how I did this if I have time.

     The reason for this conversion is I was sick of having to build list around sergeants with certain load outs just because I modeled them to look cool.  Power fist while sometimes useful are to expensive point wise for conventional use. I can also magnetize the special weapons marines in the tactical squads the same way. Really useful in the long run. I do however think it would be a waste of time and resources to do this to every marine as 90% of them will just use bolters anyway.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A "Codex" for the internet?

     I've been reading through some of the old codex's and chapter approved books and thinking "wow, why can't these rules still exist?". Then I realized they could! A little bit of work and they could easily be updated to 6th edition. A good example of a rule set is in the Codex: Armageddon I think its called? GW has a set of wargear options and alternative FOC options for the Salamanders chapter. Their veterans can all take artificer armour and/or drake scale cloaks, even the sergeants! They could take ceramite armour for all of their vehicles (25pts for Land Raiders /10pts for everything else) which gives them immunity to the melta special rule. Small but crazy things like that give the army a distinct feel that sets them apart from the vanilla
ultra-marines chapter.

     So while I'm still very behind on my project to make league rules for the Arena of Death. (blame play testing)  I think a next cool project would be to find these different rule sets that made the armies and chapters unique and update them to 6th ed in a internet approved rule supplement. Not being official it could only be used in your friends basement but if it grew as an idea and took off GW might finally notice and make an official book with rules for chapters and war-bands again. It's a long shot but if anything the idea of making money off of a rule supplement that a lot of people would actually find relevant might perk their interest.

Edit: Another good example of chapter/legion specific rules is anything in Index Astartes. Still no reason this couldn't exist in 6th Edition.

Painting and being finished...

     Finishing some painting on these guys for the tourney this weekend. The normal marines from 2nd edition are kind of meh on paint job but they aren't ment to be a permanent member of my army, just there to fill in a troop slot. Also finally put another arm on my Ironclad, its metal though so the one side is a bit heave. All in all though it all looks nice and uniform now. Though a large portion of my infantry still use the old paint scheme.

The stuff I finished! The 2nd edition marines are a bit boring I think.
I plan to pick up some wash this weekend. That should help them.

The now finished Ironclad, just needs some highlights
and a bit of touching up on the new arm.

A final project I've been wanting to redo for a while is repainting
my AoBR dreadnought. The old paint job was terrible and I
figured I'd bring him in line with the other models since he's easier
to repaint then the infantry.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Conversion time! (Interrogator Chaplain in Cataphractii Armour)

     Conversion time! Needed an Interrogator-Chaplin to fit my Deathwing based army, but seeing as he is going to be attached to my knights he needed to match them a bit. So using DV chaplain sprue, Chaos Termy bits, the legs from the AOBR termy sgt, and cataphractii bits, I made a guy that's both unique and fits well into what I'm doing. This also helps show that the cataphractii bits are interchangeable with normal termy bits. Even the legs and torso's.

 Getting started! trying to get a feel for whats going on.
Shaved the eye for the Black Legion off and covered
the spot it was on. Used Chaos termy torso but cut off arrows.
All the trim makes the armour look more artificery!
Added the mace and smoke things from seraphicus.
The smoke things on backback fit perfectly into the sides
of the armour! Really helps give that Dark Angels feel.

 Some finishing touches on the model, gave him the combi
plasma from my librarian to use as "Lion's Roar".
Nothing is cooler then a Combi-Plasma Cannon.

 Primed! Got excited and started painting some of it...
 Most of the base colors!

Pretty much done at this point. Just need to get the shoulder
pads in the mail here soon. They will be Caliban green with gold trim,
on top of the lower shoulder pads which are bleached bone to represent
the fact this guy is excepted into the Deathwing.
     This weekend I should be picking up the Deathwing kit and maybe Belial. Then I just need the set of Cataphactii and Tartaros armour! Very excited about all this. Also need to finish up the 15 Deathwing I already have... 

Crusade of Fire, week 1 ending.

Updated MSpaint map!

     Okay so I've been gone for about a week. Busy with work and getting my truck fixed. This week will hopefully be more eventful and post worthy. Now, the Crusade is off to a decent start as we all figure out the rules and get use to all the different missions and scenario's. Next weekend there may not be much to update as a lot of my group is traveling to a small tournament out of town.

Players and score post!
Army / / Player / / Grand Warlord Trait / / Conquest Points
Crusade of Fire: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Imperial Fist (Me) / / Bane of tyrants (Necrons 2) / / 0pts
-Black Templar / /  Bane of tyrants (Thousand Suns) / / 0pts
-Flesh Tearers / /  Great Hunter / / 0pts
-Dark Angels / / Great Hunter / / 0pts

Servants of Ruin: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Thousand Suns / / Relentless Assault / / 0 pts
-Death Guard / / Slayer of Men / / 0pts
-Chaos Marines / /  Slayer of Men / / 5pts

Prophets of War: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Necrons 1 / /  Trophy Hunter / / 0pts
-Necrons 2/ /  Slayer of Men / / 0pts
-Orks / /  Slayer of men / / 5pts

Ordo Malleus: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Grey Knights 1 / /  Sworn Enemy (Death Guard) / / 0pts
-Grey Knights 2 / /  Master of the Crusade / / 0pts


     As for challenges we only got through 3 more this week, but it was nice to get some tiles changing ownership. So far the Imperium seems to be winning against its Chaos rivals through a lot of luck. Either losing large groups of units to deepstrike misshaps or trying to dual a predator tank, the games have all been pretty close.

Challanger / / Defender / / Planet
Thousand Suns / / Necrons 2 / / Yeth                                                                                           
Flesh Tearers / / Necrons 2 / / Corvus Majoris
Flesh Tearers / / Orks/ / Corvus Majoris                                                                                      
Flesh Tearers / / Chaos Marines / / Junkatta                               (Resolved-Flesh Terror Victory)
Orks / / Thousand Suns / / Corvus Majoris-Yeth                                                                          
Grey Knights 1 / / Death Guard / / Corvus Majoris
Imperial Fist / / Death Guard / / Alfrost                                                                                         
Imperial Fist / / Necrons 2 / / Alfrost
Imperial Fist / / Orks/ / Alfrost                                                    (Resolved-Imperial Fist Victory) 
Grey Knights 2/ / Death Guard / / Junkatta
Dark Angels / / Orks / / Corvus Majoris                                                                                       
Dark Angels / / Grey Knights 2 / / Junkatta
Necrons 1 / / Grey Knights 2/ / Corvus Majoris                                                                            
Necrons 1 / / Black Templar / / Junkatta
Necrons 1 / / Grey Knights 1 / / Junkatta                                     (Resolved-Necron Victory)       
Death Guard / / Necrons 2 / / ???
Black Templar / / Thousand Suns / / Junkatta                          (Resolved-Black Templar Victory) 


Monday, February 11, 2013

2000 point Deathwing list.

      Okay, so after reading some Horus Heresy books on DA fluff and sitting here painting these models I think I've gained a bit of an obsession with them. Hopefully it where off before my bank account has to suffer to terribly. As  I said in my last post there is a tournament for 40K at our tri-state gaming convention here called Mage-con spring. (the other one is in fall I believe) Since I always use my Imperial Fist and will be heavily playing them in the campaign I think this would be a good time to break out the DA. The convention is still 2 months off but I still have a lot to buy and paint in the mean time. But here is the list I plan to use.

-Belial (Warlord)
-Interrogator Chaplain (Terminator armour, Lion's Road)
-Deathwing Command Squad (Champion, Apothecary, Standard of Retribution, Heavy Flamer)

Elites:-Deathwing Knights (5 knights)
-Dreadnought (Plasma cannon, Venerable, Drop pod)

-Deathwing Terminator Squad (10 models,1 plasma cannon,1 assault cannon, 1 chain fist)
-Deathwing Terminator Squad (10 models,1 plasma cannon,1 assault cannon, 1 chain fist)

this gives me 32 terminators when including HQ and a dreadnought, All of which can deep strike. Debatabley this may not be as good as running a terminator Grey Knights list but I'm not the biggest fan of Grey Knights. Belial will be accompanied by his command squad and be the warlord, also unlocking the normal Deathwing as troops. The Interrogator Chaplain will use the Knights as his retinue and join them in close combat. I plan to keep the normal squads at the edge of the fight but not to far back while the elites and HQ's storm the enemy deployment zone, hence the Heavy Flamer on the command squad instead of plasma. The Chaplain will buff the assault abilities of the knights while being his own force to be reckoned with as well. The Dreadnoughts load-out might change depending on how I feel about it but it will take a few test games to see. The biggest problem I see is the Chaplain not having the Deathwing rule and having to possibly deep strike separately just to get the knights onto the table when needed.

Deathwing progress!

These have been sitting needing some cleaning up and
painting for months...

Base coat!

My progress now! Sort of coming together. Just
need to finish the details. Thinking of running these guys
in a tournament in April.
     For my list I want to run two 10 model Deathwing Terminators squads, Belial, Interrogator Chaplain in Termy armour, a Deathwing command squad, and a 5 man squad of Deathwing knights. Belial with his command squad and the chaplain with the knights. Just need to pick up more of the models here next week...

Plans for the Dark Angels (Deathwing)

          So as a side note, I've made plans for my Dark Angels that I want to run as Deathwing. A lot of people will be making Dark Angels armies and Deathwing armies and I really want mine to stand out on the see of green and bone white. As a rule I generally don't like standard Indomitus Patter armour. (above) But the way the DA have it with so much heraldry I don't mind it with them. One of the main issues I have with a Deathwing army now though is if I just buy 3 of the new Deathwing kits to shove with my 10 DV termies and 5 AOBR ones I'v already got for my Deathwing then they will all look mostly the same. You will have to look at Wargear to tell them apart and that's not what I want.

     The Command Squad will get Tartaros Pattern Terminator armour. By buying 1 GW Deathwing kit I can get all the bits to make the command squad and a 5 man Knights squad with still extra stuff for more dudes. The Banner and Halberd will be fitted onto this guys with a little cutting and green stuff. The Tartaros while functionally identical to the Indomitus and Saturnine Terminator armour is less bulky and sleeker then its brothers. After getting their weapons on them and their poses all right then green stuff and small bits will be used to add heraldry and other details.

     The Deathwing knights will use Cataphractii Terminator Armour. In 40K its functionally Identical to its less bulky brethren but has the heavy goth feel that I think the knights could really benefit from visually. The only thing that will be a pain is getting extra right arms to fit the shields onto but I don't think that will be a major problem. Then like the Command Squad some random bits would be added and the Broken sword sculpted onto the shoulder. I might try and buy some Justaerin torsos for the sergeants because those can take normal marine heads vs the half of a head piece. 

      Then Lastly the 5 guys that weren't actually used will be made into normal terminators, made to be as shooty as possible. Giving each unit type will make the army more original and make it easier for my opponents to know what is what. So I think this is the plan I'm going to stick with. Sadly by time is all said and done will probably cost 200-250 for all this and only add about 20-25 models to an army, lol.


Campaign Turn 1 start. Let the galaxy burn!

The world best MS-paint map! (Sarcasm?)

     Okay! So we finally started our campaign into the Corvus Sub-sector! This was a fun if not slightly confusing experience since we had a dozen people sitting and trying to converse around one gaming table, but it got done. Servants of Ruin got to place their flags first and tried to take as many spaceports as possible  Next was the Prophets of War, again trying to take the tiles with advantages. Ordo Malleus was third to place flags. Then lastly the Crusade of Fire itself (my team) finally got to place its flags but all special hexes were pretty much gone by this point. But that's just how the dice roll.

     I personally have been making push to take the planet Alfrost. The planet has the Sub-Zero Warzone special rule so while dangerous terrain is more dangerous, all weapons with gets hot don't have it. This allows me to freely shoot plasma at a lot of people with no negative impact to myself. My only concern is someone trying to blow up Alfrost later in the game after the battle for Sovvens Weapon systems. I also managed to sneak in a quick game for my challenge against my Ork opponent on the cold planet.

Players and score post!
Army / / Player / / Grand Warlord Trait / / Conquest Points
Crusade of Fire: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Imperial Fist (Me) / / Bane of tyrants (Necrons 2) / / 0pts
-Black Templar / /  Bane of tyrants (???) / / 0pts
-Flesh Tearers / /  Great Hunter / / 0pts
-Dark Angels / / Great Hunter / / 0pts

Servants of Ruin: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Thousand Suns / / Relentless Assault / / 0 pts
-Death Guard / / Slayer of Men / / 0pts
-Chaos Marines / /  Slayer of Men / / 0pts

Prophets of War: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Necrons 1 / /  Trophy Hunter / / 0pts
-Necrons 2/ /  Slayer of Men / / 0pts
-Orks / /  Slayer of men / / 5pts

Ordo Malleus: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Grey Knights 1 / /  Sworn Enemy (Death Guard) / / 0pts
-Grey Knights 2 / /  Master of the Crusade / / 0pts

Everyone is responsible for resolving your own conflicts at a point level/ mission agreed on with who your playing. If you arrange a game with someone and don't show up you lose that game automatically. If you win a game and don't say so to me afterwords then I can't change the tile and you won't get it because I won't know.
Challanger / / Defender / / Planet
Thousand Suns / / Necrons 2 / / Yeth                                                                                           
Flesh Tearers / / Necrons 2 / / Corvus Majoris
Flesh Tearers / / Orks/ / Corvus Majoris                                                                                              
Flesh Tearers / / Chaos Marines / / Junkatta
Orks / / Thousand Suns / / Corvus Majoris-Yeth                                                                          
Grey Knights 1 / / Death Guard / / Corvus Majoris
Imperial Fist / / Death Guard / / Alfrost                                                                                         
Imperial Fist / / Necrons 2 / / Alfrost
Imperial Fist / / Orks/ / Alfrost                                                     (Resolved-Imperial Fist Victory)
Grey Knights 2/ / Death Guard / / Junkatta
Dark Angels / / Orks / / Corvus Majoris                                                                                       
Dark Angels / / Grey Knights 2 / / Junkatta
Necrons 1 / / Grey Knights 2/ / Corvus Majoris                                                                            
Necrons 1 / / Black Templar / / Junkatta
Necrons 1 / / Grey Knights 1 / / Junkatta                                                                                      
Death Guard / / Necrons 2 / / ???
Black Templar / / Thousand Suns / / Junkatta                                                                                


     Okay, with that all out of the way... I managed to sneak in a game right after the campaign turn against my friend who was playing Orks. Now he had never actually played 40K before and was borrowing the army so we only played a small 750 points game. But the game itself came out to be really close with my only having 6 marines left on the table. I think if he had more experience he could have easily overpowered me and one. But such is the learning curve of the game. Either way for a first game for him and for the campaign the close battle was a lot more fun. Seeing as losing would lose me a tile on the planet and winning would gain me his, there was a lot on the line. The above map was already updated to show I had taken his tile on Alfrost. Also because of his Grand Warlord Trait he was able to snag 5 Conquest points for destroying more then half of my army, putting him in the lead for those for a short while.

Through out the next month I will be posting small weekly updates as tiles change hands and armies clash.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small post before the storm.

     This is kind of a minor post. I finally decided today I better get my snipers painted as I leave to my buddies house to start our campaign tonight. We decided to keep the tabletop looking awesome and to get people motivated to paint models through out the campaign by placing a 10% tax on unpainted models. So my 90 point scout squad would be 99 points because it was unpainted if I didn't get them done before today.   This can be just enough of a hit to make someone exclude a wargear option like melta-bombs because the didn't paint there tactical squad.

     Tonight I will be making a late post with a lot of pictures and info on the first game turn of the crusade and who's attacking who and whats exploding next. So stay tuned for that! Tomorrow will be an update to the Arena of Death league rules I've been working on. Just trying to get a PDF looking spiffy and a character sheet made for people to use.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Armenneus Valthax

     Being a firm believer  that Forgeworld rules should be used I've okayed them for the campaign I'm running and am pushing to make them usable in local tournaments including one of the larger ones in our tri-state area. It unlocks so many more models and potential for armies not only in games but in customization. So I decided to add Armenneus Valthex to my army instead of a normal chapter master. He is a special character created for the Astral Claws pre-chaos and he is listed as a HQ choice in Badab War p1 for Codex: Space Marines. In fact if you want more HQ options for a vanilla marine army get that book. Also has some options for blood angels. (lamentor's chapter)

     So why Valthax. Well, I wanted to field a Master of the Forge with a conversion beamer sit back in my deployment. The MotF's major job would be firing the conversion beamer and repairing the Predator Executioner and Hellfire Dreadnought (las/missile combo dread) while staying in cover behind the Aegis defense line. A normal MotF with power weapon and beamer is 145, where Valthex is 145 and is a lot more efficient. For starters the Battle Alchemistry special rules gives him and a chosen squad hellfire rounds that have poison (2+). Second his Indynabula Array give him a 5+ invulnerable. An invulnerable save is something tech marines and MotF should have had anyways so this makes me happy. He can re-roll his blessing of the Omnissiah allowing a higher chance of vehicle repairs. Then lastly his Indynabula Array counts as having a pair of power weapons giving him 3 total attacks which isn't a lot but more then he would get normally.

     So for the points cost he's an excellent support troop. Giving several bonus's over normal Masters of the Forge. His only downside is he still has a normal state line so isn't any stronger then normal marines, just better armed.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arena of Death league rules! (revision 1)

 the following is ment to be a first draft/revision thing for an Arena of Death "League: so players can battle their champions from the Arena's of the Dark Eldar to the sparring rings used to help Astartes keep a fighting edge. Your champion will become stronger and better equipped over time as he kills and maims his way to champion! Following revisions of this rule set will be in PDF format and better formatted and organized. Any feedback is appreciated!

The Arena of Death League Rules (Revision 1)

Class customization
For the purpose of the league all character "classes" are as having a point value of 100. At the beginning of a league the player will choose one class from the list to represent his champion. As the champion wins more victories in the arena he will be awarded more points to spend on wargear. The cost of wargear can be found in the corresponding codex to the faction/unit (class) you selected. Some extra universal wargear and rule options can be purchased from a list at bottom of this page.

A champion can earn points to purchase wargear, USR's, and upgrades from killing their opponents. The amount of points granted from each kill is equal to 10% of their total points value rounded down to the nearest "tens" spot. (IE: a figure worth 146 points would award you 14 points when killed) Since all models are given a base point value of 100 for the purpose of this league, you are always guaranteed at least 10 points for each kill. These points can then be spent to unlock wargear and rule options.

If a piece of wargear, a USR, or upgrade are purchased that model cannot get rid of that upgrade for another. He must gain points and buy that upgrade, and then choose which upgrade ones to use during a match (IE: choosing a storm bolter over a combi-plasma if the champion owns both).

The champion must always have Some type of close combat weapon (CCW) whether its just a close combat blade or a Power Scythe.

All champions must be modeled to represent their war gear. (WYSIWYG)

If a champion is defeated he must roll 2D6 and suffers from an affect on the following chart.
1-6: Flesh wound! The model is fine to continue fighting in more matches.
7-10: Minor injury! The model can continue to fight but suffers -1 to Initiative.
11: Major injury! The model struggles in the arena and suffers a -1 penalty to strength and -2 to initiative.
12: The character dies. A new character must be rolled. All purchased wargear, upgrades, and USR's are lost.

The following class list may not be completely balanced and may be changed from revision to revision. The current revision is a test and is still missing options for "champions" from several codex. This will be remedied swiftly in a future revision. Current options on list are all close to 100 points and some can be upgraded to their more powerful equivalents as listed in codex.

 -Space Marines:
--Master of the Forge

-Dark Angels:
--Company Master
--Chaplain (upgrade-able to a Interrogator-Chaplain for 30pts)

-Blood Angels:
--Chaplain (upgrade-able to a Reclusiarch for 40pts)

-Space Wolves:
--Wolf Lord
--Rune Priest
--Wolf Priest
--Wolf Guard Battle Leader

-Black Templar:
--Emperors Champion
--Master of Sanctity

-Grey Knights:
--Brotherhood Champion
--Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
--Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
--Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

-Chaos Space Marines: (Gift of Mutation can not be used, the dark gods have abandoned you)
--Chaos Lord (upgrade-able to Daemon Prince of a chosen god for 60pts)
--Dark Apostle

-Imperial Guard (Will probably die fighting anything else on this list.)
--Lord commissar
--Primaris Psyker
--Ministorum Priest
--Techpriest Enginseer

--Big Mek

Purchase Options!
The following section is additional options a champion can purchase outside of his normal codex options. The term Imperium refers to anyone fighting on the side of the Emperor be it Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, or Imperial Guard. The Term Chaos refers to Chaos Space Marines. Wargear can only be used by champions whose codex fits its rules and gear will be marked as such)

Special issue Wargear (Arena):
     This section adds weapons to each codex/armybook  that are either created by me or found in other GW rules related to 40K. (IE: Horus Heresy and Imperial Armour) Weapons must replace a piece of similar wargear. (IE: A weapon with the rule pistol can only replace another weapon with that rule or a weapon with the Melee rule can only replace another Melee weapon)

-Melee Weapons  (Format: Cost - Range - Strength -AP -Type)  
--Power Scythe ( 25pts - N/A - +1 - 2 -Melee, Unwieldy, Two-Handed, Sweep Attack (Chaos(Mark of Nurgle))
--Charnabal Sabre ( 10pts - N/A - As user - N/A - Melee, Rending, Duellist's Edge (Imperium/Chaos))
-Ranged Weapons (Format: Cost - Range - Strength -AP -Type)   

-Armour and other Wargear:

--Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour: Cataphractii Armour can be used on any model in place of standard Terminator Armour if said model has the option. Champions with this armour have the Slow and purposeful special rule instead of relentless special rule, but gain an invulnerable save of 4+.  (Imperium/Chaos)

--Combat and Boarding Shields: Combat and Boarding shields confer a 6+ invulnerable save that increases to 5+ in close combat/assaults. Not usable by terminators. (Space Marines (all chapters))

Universal Special Rules:
     The following section contains USR's that you can buy for your character. Please keep in mind these apply towards your points value for points awarded when defeated.

-Furious Charge (25 pts)
-Hatred (Pick one codex) (20pts)
-Hatred (Everything) (40 pts)
-Fleet (25 pts)
-Feel no pain (5+) (25 pts)
-Rage (25 pts)
-Preferred Enemy (Pick on codex) (20 pts)
-Move through Cover (5 pts)
-It will not die (50 pts)

Stat Upgrades:
The following section contains stat upgrades. Stats cannon be upgraded past 10. Please keep in mind these apply towards your points value for points awarded when defeated. Stat upgrades are expensive but permanent. Each skill can only be upgraded 1 time per champion!

+1 to Weapon skill (25 pts)
+1 to Ballistic skill (25 pts)
+1 to Strength (25 pts)
+1 to Toughness (25 pts)
+1 to Wounds (50 pts)

Other rules:
    Section refers to rules found on this list that aren't in a standard codex or the core rulebook.

-Sweep Attack: Rather than use their own attack value, a model using a weapon with this special rule may, if they wish, instead make a number of attacks equal to the number of models in base contact with them.

-Dualist's Edge: +1 to Initiative when in a challenges (All arena battles count as challenges)

Master of the Forge (part 2)

Okay, so today now that the greenstuff is not mooshy I
painted this fellow. The shoulder pads were already
primed so I just primed the marine himself. 

To get him in traditional Techmarine colors he's painted
red with all weapons and servo arms Leadbealcher metal.

The to finish up the base colors I added some black
and gold to certain areas of the model and some green
where the eyes and whatnot are.

 Then to bring it together I washed him in nuln oil and
high lighted the edges with the old blood red paint color.
First time painting power armour red and its so much
easier the yellow....

 Here he is all finished!

His bad side... Don't be on it.

     Techmarines are up there with dreadnoughts as models I think are really cool. I want to get Valthex from Forge World and make him fit this army a bit better. Maybe even use his cool rules. Also he is the only Techmarine model with a conversion beamer. which is something I want to try sometime.

Now on a side note, why can't these guys use terminator armour!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Forgeworld rules.

     Forgeworld, the odd company that produces the high detail resin models for GW apart from being a bit pricey for some people has an odd shadow looming over it. All of these awesome models, characters, and units can't be used in most tournaments and games because people aren't familiar with the rules and I find that sad. Now all non-super heavy Forgeworld are either conversion parts and bitz or units made for use in standard 40K. To help familiarize myself with these models and make myself aware of all the options Forgeworld adds to my army, I added all of there units for the Codex: Space Marines into Battlescribe.

     These models and rules can be used in the same way any other choice in your army list can. HQ's can be fielded the same way. Huron before he went full chaos is a HQ choice for Codex Space Marines and even has a loyalist model that can easily be converted to fit a different chapter but still use his rules. The Predator tank and Land raider variants are also good examples of awesome work done buy this company. These can be used to give the normally boring and samey C:SM chapters some really cool vehicle types that fit their fluff better then just a normal Land Raider painted yellow.

     So what I want to do is find a way to make these models and their rules public enough to allow them to be used more frequently outside of friendly gaming groups without overstepping copyright issues and getting some odd lawsuit against me. If anyone has any idea's please tell me, in the meantime I'll consider posting my files for battlescribe up here. They won't give you all the special rules but they will give you a basic understanding of your enemy.

Master of the Forge (Part 1)

     So in order to play the list I want I needed a Master of the forge, but can't really afford the model right now. So using my last spare set of space marine legs and a large amount of bits I decided to try and make a model fitting of being my master of the forge.

To start this all off I took an MK-8 torso piece as that
seems to look a bit more artificery(?) and I bulked up the legs
with additional armour made from plasticard.

 The next important thing was making a power axe. For this I
cut some more plasticard and attached it to the base of what
was a Cataphractii thunder hammer.

 Here is the techmarine with the body and head assembled
and some extra hoses and cables.
 Dry fitting the shoulders just to see how it looks, added
a small bit the the groin piece.

 The last part of making this guy was a servo harness.
That one thing makes techmarines stand out as a model.

 Stealing from servo arms from a missile launcher guy and
adding the plasma pistol and flamer.

The harness mostly assembled!

Finally the unpainted but mostly finished model. I might
go back and add another servo arm or two though...