Sunday, February 3, 2013

Arena of Death (part 2)

     So finally got to try Arena of Death, and I think I really like it. It's a nice time killing mini game and doesn't require any space hardly. You could probably play it in a Starbucks if you wanted. The games themselves don't really last long and don't even remotely follow the normal 6 turns rule for 40K as you just play until someone is decked or dead. Our game started off with Captain Darnath Lysander as my champion against Kharn the Betrayer in a battle to the death.

     Turn 1 Lysander ran forward across the arena floor but failed his charge as Kharn fired his plasma pistol at the captain. My friend decided Kharn wasn't going to move but stand and fire his pistol more for his turn.
By turn 2, Lysander even when only 7 inches away still failed his charge and Kharn moved in and charge him. Then things got crazy. Lysander had the advantage of a 3+ save but Kharn's general offensive nature and higher Initiative value gave him the advantage. Kharn's Initiative of 5 against Lysanders of 1 (because hammer) meant that most of the time Kharn got to use his major maneuver his card.

     A few turns of jumping in an out of melee later and Kharn and Lysander were both down to 1 would. But Kharn was behind Lysander and so he got a plus 2 bonus to speed and pulled off on more all out attack. Lysander went down in a hail of axe swings and the Betrayer got another skull for the skull throne.

    The amount of strategies needed for this almost makes me want to use this system for fighting challenges in 40K somehow. Since Facing, Initiative, and weapon make a lot more difference then normal. Find a character with a good save and a high initiative, give him a weapon with good AP, and your golden.

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