Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tournament from Saturday!

     Finally awake and have some of my energy back from the tournament yesterday. Being out of town that long can be quite tiring when you don't do it often. Either way I think the people at the the Game Shoppe did an awesome job on the event. I'm a bit sad to say I didn't place very well out of the 18 people who participated in the event, but I didn't lose a single match! I won 1 match and tied for 2 others. The amount of close games was astonishing to me.

     One of the things that made this event fun for me though was playing armies I don't normally see. In this case Imperial Guard and Dark Eldar. While I don't have as many pics as I would like, (most are on my friends camera) I did get 2 from my first ever game playing Imperial Guard. Who ever says mech list are dead haven't tried to fight an IG tank list. The game was going off of kill points and I kept my marines hidden in a small city scape in my deployment zone and only had the las cannons out to take pot shots at the tanks. But it didn't do much, so by the end way tied.

    The second game was against a Space Marine player and the game type was capture the relic. Using an Ironclad and drop pod and a lot of running I managed to stick the bulk of my list right by the objective turn one. The terrain heavy board bottle necked my opponents troops and stopped him from putting his drop pods anywhere to crazy. I would have tabled him but I couldn't seem to shoot down his pair of storm talons.

    My third game was another terrain heavy table in a bombed out city, I wish I would have had pics. The game was against Dark Eldar and because of all the dangerous/difficult terrain all of his army was in a 2x2 section of the bored with only one real clear path out of his deployment zone. This caused problems because his entire army was 5 squads in transports and 2 odd gunship things that looked like the transports. The game was "Big guns never tire" and we had 5 objectives, all of which were close to center of table. I managed to trap my opponents ships by dropping my Ironclad and drop pod in the only safe place for him to move transports through. This way he would be forced to kill me or risk difficult terrain test. Then on turn 2 I managed to deep strike my termies in and attack his transports from behind. all in all I managed to tie him up like this in his deployment for 5 turns then the game ended. Oddly enough it was another tie as he managed to get several secondary objectives.

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