Monday, February 11, 2013

Campaign Turn 1 start. Let the galaxy burn!

The world best MS-paint map! (Sarcasm?)

     Okay! So we finally started our campaign into the Corvus Sub-sector! This was a fun if not slightly confusing experience since we had a dozen people sitting and trying to converse around one gaming table, but it got done. Servants of Ruin got to place their flags first and tried to take as many spaceports as possible  Next was the Prophets of War, again trying to take the tiles with advantages. Ordo Malleus was third to place flags. Then lastly the Crusade of Fire itself (my team) finally got to place its flags but all special hexes were pretty much gone by this point. But that's just how the dice roll.

     I personally have been making push to take the planet Alfrost. The planet has the Sub-Zero Warzone special rule so while dangerous terrain is more dangerous, all weapons with gets hot don't have it. This allows me to freely shoot plasma at a lot of people with no negative impact to myself. My only concern is someone trying to blow up Alfrost later in the game after the battle for Sovvens Weapon systems. I also managed to sneak in a quick game for my challenge against my Ork opponent on the cold planet.

Players and score post!
Army / / Player / / Grand Warlord Trait / / Conquest Points
Crusade of Fire: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Imperial Fist (Me) / / Bane of tyrants (Necrons 2) / / 0pts
-Black Templar / /  Bane of tyrants (???) / / 0pts
-Flesh Tearers / /  Great Hunter / / 0pts
-Dark Angels / / Great Hunter / / 0pts

Servants of Ruin: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Thousand Suns / / Relentless Assault / / 0 pts
-Death Guard / / Slayer of Men / / 0pts
-Chaos Marines / /  Slayer of Men / / 0pts

Prophets of War: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Necrons 1 / /  Trophy Hunter / / 0pts
-Necrons 2/ /  Slayer of Men / / 0pts
-Orks / /  Slayer of men / / 5pts

Ordo Malleus: (Team Conquest points: 0pts)
-Grey Knights 1 / /  Sworn Enemy (Death Guard) / / 0pts
-Grey Knights 2 / /  Master of the Crusade / / 0pts

Everyone is responsible for resolving your own conflicts at a point level/ mission agreed on with who your playing. If you arrange a game with someone and don't show up you lose that game automatically. If you win a game and don't say so to me afterwords then I can't change the tile and you won't get it because I won't know.
Challanger / / Defender / / Planet
Thousand Suns / / Necrons 2 / / Yeth                                                                                           
Flesh Tearers / / Necrons 2 / / Corvus Majoris
Flesh Tearers / / Orks/ / Corvus Majoris                                                                                              
Flesh Tearers / / Chaos Marines / / Junkatta
Orks / / Thousand Suns / / Corvus Majoris-Yeth                                                                          
Grey Knights 1 / / Death Guard / / Corvus Majoris
Imperial Fist / / Death Guard / / Alfrost                                                                                         
Imperial Fist / / Necrons 2 / / Alfrost
Imperial Fist / / Orks/ / Alfrost                                                     (Resolved-Imperial Fist Victory)
Grey Knights 2/ / Death Guard / / Junkatta
Dark Angels / / Orks / / Corvus Majoris                                                                                       
Dark Angels / / Grey Knights 2 / / Junkatta
Necrons 1 / / Grey Knights 2/ / Corvus Majoris                                                                            
Necrons 1 / / Black Templar / / Junkatta
Necrons 1 / / Grey Knights 1 / / Junkatta                                                                                      
Death Guard / / Necrons 2 / / ???
Black Templar / / Thousand Suns / / Junkatta                                                                                


     Okay, with that all out of the way... I managed to sneak in a game right after the campaign turn against my friend who was playing Orks. Now he had never actually played 40K before and was borrowing the army so we only played a small 750 points game. But the game itself came out to be really close with my only having 6 marines left on the table. I think if he had more experience he could have easily overpowered me and one. But such is the learning curve of the game. Either way for a first game for him and for the campaign the close battle was a lot more fun. Seeing as losing would lose me a tile on the planet and winning would gain me his, there was a lot on the line. The above map was already updated to show I had taken his tile on Alfrost. Also because of his Grand Warlord Trait he was able to snag 5 Conquest points for destroying more then half of my army, putting him in the lead for those for a short while.

Through out the next month I will be posting small weekly updates as tiles change hands and armies clash.

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