Monday, February 18, 2013

Conversion time! (Interrogator Chaplain in Cataphractii Armour)

     Conversion time! Needed an Interrogator-Chaplin to fit my Deathwing based army, but seeing as he is going to be attached to my knights he needed to match them a bit. So using DV chaplain sprue, Chaos Termy bits, the legs from the AOBR termy sgt, and cataphractii bits, I made a guy that's both unique and fits well into what I'm doing. This also helps show that the cataphractii bits are interchangeable with normal termy bits. Even the legs and torso's.

 Getting started! trying to get a feel for whats going on.
Shaved the eye for the Black Legion off and covered
the spot it was on. Used Chaos termy torso but cut off arrows.
All the trim makes the armour look more artificery!
Added the mace and smoke things from seraphicus.
The smoke things on backback fit perfectly into the sides
of the armour! Really helps give that Dark Angels feel.

 Some finishing touches on the model, gave him the combi
plasma from my librarian to use as "Lion's Roar".
Nothing is cooler then a Combi-Plasma Cannon.

 Primed! Got excited and started painting some of it...
 Most of the base colors!

Pretty much done at this point. Just need to get the shoulder
pads in the mail here soon. They will be Caliban green with gold trim,
on top of the lower shoulder pads which are bleached bone to represent
the fact this guy is excepted into the Deathwing.
     This weekend I should be picking up the Deathwing kit and maybe Belial. Then I just need the set of Cataphactii and Tartaros armour! Very excited about all this. Also need to finish up the 15 Deathwing I already have... 

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  1. He looks wonderful! I really like the smoke stacks on him. I was not entirely sold on them on the PA guy in DV, but I think they work really well with the terminator armour. This guy looks worlds better then the finecast GW one. Keep up the great work!