Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conversion Time! (Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader)

     One of my goals with my Imperial Fist army is to convey the siege mastery the chapter is known for. An idea I really liked was the boarding shields on the tactical squads I saw in the crusade of fire book. Small thing like that help the army stand out. So while I don't have the money to do the same thing with my squads, I'm going to try and convey the same feeling with some of my other units. Firstly my land raider. I wanted to make it look a bot more armored then normal and attach a siege shield to the front of it. The top piece can also be removed to be switched out with the version with the demolisher cannon I need to redo. 

So here is the basic shield in place. This is the most complex
thing I've ever made from plasticard. The top piece where the
turret sits is from a rhino kit and it seemed to fit perfectly
sideways on the model.

Here it is all primed with some Averland Sunset on the front.
Was disappointed to see it came out overly orange. Not sure
why but that paint color does that sometimes...
 Here it is with it all painted with basecoats!
 And... lastly the Fist transfer to help represent the chapter!

     I plan to muddy it up and touch up on the paint a bit more tomorrow but I think this is enough for now. It's good to step back from a project to think and rethink the plans for it and if something is really necessary.
Only real downside to the conversion is it looks like a really big rhino tank now in a way...

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