Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Conversions, plans, and Necrons.

    Okay, so in the meantime my camera is out and I can't update my painting progress so I'm going to hold off on that until tomorrow afternoon when I can get that all figure out. Been busy working the last couple days, as I need some extra money to finish fixing my truck. The company I work for is also planning on expanding into another city and I have to help in that in some parts.

     Conversions! My favorite part of this hobby is converting things. I need to get better with both plasticard and greenstuff but practice with these materials will help. I finally got shoulder pads coming in the mail for my Interrogator-Chaplain, but I had to buy a pack of 10 just to get two. The only up side to this is I will have extra's if I want to magnetize some cataphractii later. This guy is one of my favorite conversions though and I really like how he turned out. I will post an update with him finished when the parts come.

     Also started work on making a piece to fit over the front of my Land Raider for my Imperial Fist. The piece raises up the assault cannon and adds the demolisher cannon to the front. This when paired with the flamers allows me to run my LR as a Land Raider Ares. Something I've wanted to test for a while. It might help when fighting Necrons. I'll post pics of this and the turret for the Land Raider Achilles I want to get finished. The idea is to have one land raider that can be given the load out to handle any situation. I'm very close to achieving this I hope.

     One issue I've been having on the table top is Necrons. I don't find them fun to play against at all. Between the Mind-shackle scarab, re-animation (like feel no pain but better), and their main infantries main weapon always being able to hurt vehicles, there is just no good way to handle them as a space marine player. My Ironclad either has to walk across the field or drop pod in and either way he dies before he can assault. Same with my terminators. I can fix this with Lysander and his by shoving them in a LR but I don't know how to help the Ironclad. Any idea's anyone?


  1. I've been playing Necrons since 4th Ed so maybe I can help...

    Necrons have some pretty strong strengths, and some pretty extreme weaknesses.

    Mind-Shackle Scarabs: Not gonna lie, I love these babies, but they can only be put on Lords/Overlords and they affect a random model in B2B contact, so the key is to just swarm them with normal dudes. Make sure when you charge (and you're faster so you should be controlling the charges) that lots of normal dudes are in B2B with that Lord and that your characters AREN'T. Losing a couple attacks (plus hitting yourself) with a Powerfist is deadly, but if its from a regular old Bolter Joe, not such a big deal.

    Admittedly if they're running a Destroyer Lord with MSS this is gonna be harder, but remember that D-Lords can't ever get an Invulnerable Save, so just pump Melta or Lascannons into his face and he'll drop pretty fast.

    Out-shooting: Necrons have THE best bog-standard rifle in the game. The Gauss Flayer is just a beast with its ability to kill any vehicle with enough shots. The thing is though, they don't have many other good guns. THey have the TL Tesla Destructor on a few vehicles, and the Doomsday Cannon on the Ark, but thats it. Nearly all of their weapons are 24" range, and many of the ones that are 36" or better are RARE. So take advantage of your range advantage. Hit them with Missle Launchers, Lascannons etc.

    Lastly, Combat is still a Necrons worst nightmare, we only have LD 10, which is great most of the time, but you sack on a -3 or -4 modifier to that and we are running and DIEING with that Init 2. That's why our Canoptek robots (Wraiths, Scarabs and Spyders) get Fearless. So pound the hard stuff with your superior range and then sweep in with your regular guys to finish off the troops. Necron Warriors and Immortals still suck in Combat.

    And remember, outside of our characters, a unit CAN'T reanimate if its been totally finished off.

    The thing about winning with, or against, Necrons is remembering that Necrons don't play the same as other armies. You can't wound a Necron force, you have to kill it. By this I mean if I kill 8 of 10 Marines in a unit I can pretty safely ignore the last 2. If you kill 8 of 10 Necron Warriors you NEED to kill those last two guys, because killing them means NONE of them can try and reanimate (and a character doesn't let a unit reanimate, there still has to be one unit model left).

    So you basically have to focus and break down a Necron army piece by piece if you want to be effective in fighting them. If you do that they start falling apart relatively quickly.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to go over all that. I think I need to pick up a Necron codex and really give it a good read through. The main thing I think I need to work on is getting my basic infantry into CC faster. I tried this the other night and a half a squad of marines was able to accomplish quite a bit. Was considering loading them into a LR Crusader and driving them across the field so they can jump out and assault.

  3. I wouldn't use a Land Raider on Necrons, the problem is that Gauss weapons basically just think a Land Raider is a slower Rhino with one more Hull Point. The AV14 doesn't do anything for you with us compared to the 5 Rhinos you could've brought instead.

    Worse we have this thing called a Voltaic Staff we can put on our Crypteks. Its Assault 4 with a 12" range and the Haywire rule, which is basically our version of Melta. I put one of those Crypteks in a Nightscythe attached to a unit of Warriors and when it comes in I can kill nearly any vehicle on the table, including that fancy and expensive LR Crusader, unless I roll TERRIBLY.

    Mass Drop Pods are a #@!*& for Necrons though, because it gets you in our face right away (the key here is mass, 1 D-Pod is just something we can focus fire on turn 1 since everything else is out of range anyways), without any time for us to wear you down. Hate that. Especially if its stuff we need to focus on because we lack an abundance of Low AP weapons. Nothing ruins my day like 2 units of Termies and a Bolter Joe squad coming down turn 1 right in my face followed by a Dreadnaught and more Bolter Joe's turn two.

    Or use a lot of Rhino's and just burn them across the field, 12" move off the bat, followed by the 6" Flat Out will mostly cover the gap between armies and put you in pants shitting range for a Necron player. Sure you'll probably lose those Rhino's, but Gauss Wrecks things, it doesn't cause them to Explode, so this doesn't really effect your units inside. If a few get blown up by Tesla Destructors, oh well, you're Marines, you can eat the minimal wounds caused.

    Necrons excell when they can focus fire, but they don't split fire so well, so you need to go whole hog or nothing. The games I lose are the games where my opponent forces me to have to handle too many targets at a time. I've never lost to Deathstar, because ridiculous volume of shots is what Necrons do best, but I've lost plenty to having 4 Rhinos, a unit of bikes, another unit or 2 of Assault Marines etc etc spamming across the table towards me and I can't drop them fast enough.