Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Forgeworld rules.

     Forgeworld, the odd company that produces the high detail resin models for GW apart from being a bit pricey for some people has an odd shadow looming over it. All of these awesome models, characters, and units can't be used in most tournaments and games because people aren't familiar with the rules and I find that sad. Now all non-super heavy Forgeworld are either conversion parts and bitz or units made for use in standard 40K. To help familiarize myself with these models and make myself aware of all the options Forgeworld adds to my army, I added all of there units for the Codex: Space Marines into Battlescribe.

     These models and rules can be used in the same way any other choice in your army list can. HQ's can be fielded the same way. Huron before he went full chaos is a HQ choice for Codex Space Marines and even has a loyalist model that can easily be converted to fit a different chapter but still use his rules. The Predator tank and Land raider variants are also good examples of awesome work done buy this company. These can be used to give the normally boring and samey C:SM chapters some really cool vehicle types that fit their fluff better then just a normal Land Raider painted yellow.

     So what I want to do is find a way to make these models and their rules public enough to allow them to be used more frequently outside of friendly gaming groups without overstepping copyright issues and getting some odd lawsuit against me. If anyone has any idea's please tell me, in the meantime I'll consider posting my files for battlescribe up here. They won't give you all the special rules but they will give you a basic understanding of your enemy.

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