Monday, February 4, 2013

Get's Hot!

     So, being one to field a lot of plasma weapons in my Space Marine army. I have to deal with the "Gets Hot" Special rule quite often. I just recently ordered a Predator Executioner for my army and was concerned by this rule as I was previously under the impression that Gets Hot is an automatic glance but nobody ever did research to confirm this because nobody else uses as many plasma weapons as me, and nobody at all puts them on vehicles. I guess if they roll a one they roll another D6 and on a 1,2, or 3 it does a glance. But that's still a bit of a threat.

     I ordered a Forge-World Deimos pattern Predator Executioner because the model cost 2 dollars more on ebay then buying a Thunderfire cannon from GW direct would have cost. For 25 points more minimum I can field this instead of the Thunderfire and while not exactly the same, with a defense line that I have in my army it will be hard to kill. But the gets hot concerned me because its going to happen in a game whether I like it or not. The main gun is a heavy 3 plasma cannon, so 3 chances each shooting phase to hurt itself. To counteract this I'm going to place it behind an Aegis Defense line with a master of the forge to fix any damage to the tank and my lascannon/missile dreadnought. On Turns there is nothing to fix, he can fire the quad gun.

     The main gun can be switched with a conversion beamer and I can also arm it with Sponson mounted Heavy-Bolters or Lascannon. Though the conversion beamer/L-Cannon option is 205 points minimum and not as practical overall. Overall once in cover it's cheaper then a devastator squad and harder to kill since you would need a strength 7 weapon just to glance it. Add in the defense line that's almost required these days with flyers being around and a Techmarine and you've got yourself a nice little defensive potion. I think the only thing that will make this cheaper or better is when 6th edition Space Marine codex is finally released and Tech marines are taken as a follower to your HQ and don't use a FoC slot.


  1. The Plasma Destroyer doesn't have Gets Hot!, does it?

    1. Well bugger, I feel quite silly now. I guess I just assumed it had it since every other plasma weapon I can find has it, and I run an absurd amount of plasma for a non Dark Angels player. Thank you for pointing this out.