Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Master of the Forge (Part 1)

     So in order to play the list I want I needed a Master of the forge, but can't really afford the model right now. So using my last spare set of space marine legs and a large amount of bits I decided to try and make a model fitting of being my master of the forge.

To start this all off I took an MK-8 torso piece as that
seems to look a bit more artificery(?) and I bulked up the legs
with additional armour made from plasticard.

 The next important thing was making a power axe. For this I
cut some more plasticard and attached it to the base of what
was a Cataphractii thunder hammer.

 Here is the techmarine with the body and head assembled
and some extra hoses and cables.
 Dry fitting the shoulders just to see how it looks, added
a small bit the the groin piece.

 The last part of making this guy was a servo harness.
That one thing makes techmarines stand out as a model.

 Stealing from servo arms from a missile launcher guy and
adding the plasma pistol and flamer.

The harness mostly assembled!

Finally the unpainted but mostly finished model. I might
go back and add another servo arm or two though...

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