Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Master of the Forge (part 2)

Okay, so today now that the greenstuff is not mooshy I
painted this fellow. The shoulder pads were already
primed so I just primed the marine himself. 

To get him in traditional Techmarine colors he's painted
red with all weapons and servo arms Leadbealcher metal.

The to finish up the base colors I added some black
and gold to certain areas of the model and some green
where the eyes and whatnot are.

 Then to bring it together I washed him in nuln oil and
high lighted the edges with the old blood red paint color.
First time painting power armour red and its so much
easier the yellow....

 Here he is all finished!

His bad side... Don't be on it.

     Techmarines are up there with dreadnoughts as models I think are really cool. I want to get Valthex from Forge World and make him fit this army a bit better. Maybe even use his cool rules. Also he is the only Techmarine model with a conversion beamer. which is something I want to try sometime.

Now on a side note, why can't these guys use terminator armour!


  1. In case you missed it; there was a fella who's Armies on Parade entry was semi-blogged on the GW main website with cool ideas like his Terminator Captain carrying a Plasma Cannon and, more importantly, a Techmarine Terminator!
    Couldn't ever use it as Terminator armour, but it would make a cool master of the forge in a techmarine heavy army!

    1. That was the entry that made me wonder how the guy that maintains all the armour can't use Terminator armour. I want to do a similar version using the Tartaros or Cataphractii pattern armour.