Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Painting and being finished...

     Finishing some painting on these guys for the tourney this weekend. The normal marines from 2nd edition are kind of meh on paint job but they aren't ment to be a permanent member of my army, just there to fill in a troop slot. Also finally put another arm on my Ironclad, its metal though so the one side is a bit heave. All in all though it all looks nice and uniform now. Though a large portion of my infantry still use the old paint scheme.

The stuff I finished! The 2nd edition marines are a bit boring I think.
I plan to pick up some wash this weekend. That should help them.

The now finished Ironclad, just needs some highlights
and a bit of touching up on the new arm.

A final project I've been wanting to redo for a while is repainting
my AoBR dreadnought. The old paint job was terrible and I
figured I'd bring him in line with the other models since he's easier
to repaint then the infantry.

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  1. It is nice to see those old 2nd edition marines! I have a bunch kicking around, so painted as Dark Angels and some Blood Angels. Although very static, they fit the We are Legion mentality, which is pretty neat in itself.