Sunday, February 24, 2013

Painting and constructing my Deathwing! (part 1)

     While I may not have one anything over the weekend I did finally pick up the Deathwing kit I needed to finish out my army. I was a bit worried I would need two of them just to have enough bits to convert Tartaros termies for command squad and Cataphractii for Knights but it seems to have everything I need! Except the resin kits. 

The sprues! The pic may be a bit hard to see but there
was a lot to fit into it.

Started building a new sergeant for my second squad,
4 normal Deathwing Terminators, and the Watcher in the
Dark just because.

Basic assembly mostly done. Heads and guns left off for
painting. The Heavy weapons guy is magnetized so now
each squad has 1 magnetized heavy weapons guy.

 Just to make sure it would work I took a break from the
terminators to test putting the shields on the cataphractii
arms. With some effort it worked perfectly and no I can
safely order the cataphractii models.

The back of the shields where the arm attaches. Had to
completely remove the arm the shields came on. I did leave
the hand though.

With the construction finished I primed all the bits and
pieces white.

I tested the Seraphim Sepia wash I finally bought on the
sergeant after getting his base colors of bleached bone and
Dark Angels green painted on.

The pretty much finished watcher in the dark. This guy
while really simple was kind of fun and looks cool. Also
if you look in the background I added the cloak from the
Deathwing kit to my termy chaplain. Really helped the

     Overall I think this is the coolest GW kit I've purchased. The amount of detail and bits is amazing and it shows that they almost don't need find cast to things really nice. Though the Finecast detail is a lot sharper I must say.

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