Monday, February 11, 2013

Plans for the Dark Angels (Deathwing)

          So as a side note, I've made plans for my Dark Angels that I want to run as Deathwing. A lot of people will be making Dark Angels armies and Deathwing armies and I really want mine to stand out on the see of green and bone white. As a rule I generally don't like standard Indomitus Patter armour. (above) But the way the DA have it with so much heraldry I don't mind it with them. One of the main issues I have with a Deathwing army now though is if I just buy 3 of the new Deathwing kits to shove with my 10 DV termies and 5 AOBR ones I'v already got for my Deathwing then they will all look mostly the same. You will have to look at Wargear to tell them apart and that's not what I want.

     The Command Squad will get Tartaros Pattern Terminator armour. By buying 1 GW Deathwing kit I can get all the bits to make the command squad and a 5 man Knights squad with still extra stuff for more dudes. The Banner and Halberd will be fitted onto this guys with a little cutting and green stuff. The Tartaros while functionally identical to the Indomitus and Saturnine Terminator armour is less bulky and sleeker then its brothers. After getting their weapons on them and their poses all right then green stuff and small bits will be used to add heraldry and other details.

     The Deathwing knights will use Cataphractii Terminator Armour. In 40K its functionally Identical to its less bulky brethren but has the heavy goth feel that I think the knights could really benefit from visually. The only thing that will be a pain is getting extra right arms to fit the shields onto but I don't think that will be a major problem. Then like the Command Squad some random bits would be added and the Broken sword sculpted onto the shoulder. I might try and buy some Justaerin torsos for the sergeants because those can take normal marine heads vs the half of a head piece. 

      Then Lastly the 5 guys that weren't actually used will be made into normal terminators, made to be as shooty as possible. Giving each unit type will make the army more original and make it easier for my opponents to know what is what. So I think this is the plan I'm going to stick with. Sadly by time is all said and done will probably cost 200-250 for all this and only add about 20-25 models to an army, lol.


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  1. Sounds like a pretty good plan! The FW terminator variants are pretty awesome, and add some variety to the army. Might you consider using cyclone missile launchers? They are pretty fantastic. Having been playing with the DW for years, I have switched most of my squad to cyclones as opposed to assault cannons (it even gives you an additional storm bolter for Vengeful strike!). Also, are you set on Knights? I think a squad of DW with THSS would probably be better overall, being that they are troops, have AP2 all the time, and they can take a cyclone missile launcher (I am converting a unit of them that I might proxy in friendly games as knights, just so I can try them out).