Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small post before the storm.

     This is kind of a minor post. I finally decided today I better get my snipers painted as I leave to my buddies house to start our campaign tonight. We decided to keep the tabletop looking awesome and to get people motivated to paint models through out the campaign by placing a 10% tax on unpainted models. So my 90 point scout squad would be 99 points because it was unpainted if I didn't get them done before today.   This can be just enough of a hit to make someone exclude a wargear option like melta-bombs because the didn't paint there tactical squad.

     Tonight I will be making a late post with a lot of pictures and info on the first game turn of the crusade and who's attacking who and whats exploding next. So stay tuned for that! Tomorrow will be an update to the Arena of Death league rules I've been working on. Just trying to get a PDF looking spiffy and a character sheet made for people to use.

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