Friday, February 1, 2013

The Arena of Death

      While some people may find the Crusade of Fire to be a lacking supplement, I thought it was a nice set of rules and a good story for a campaign. The Demon world rules are fun, and I want to get a pair of Nephilm fighters to try dogfights. But one of the more unmentioned and underrated is the "Arena of Death" game type. A mini-game where each player takes his favorite HQ or warrior model and has him battle someone else hero to the death. The Game utilizes the normal 40K rules and a special card battling system to make it more dynamic.

     The above is an example of the cards. In this game type your manoeuvring very much matters and all characters have a front, sides, and back for the purposes of facing and attacking. Weapons with the instant death rule also don't have that rule for this game type. The Dark Eldar don't want their pit fighting slaves to die before the crowd can be entertained. Your models standing and RoC (Roar of the Crowd) rating will increase with every victory, increasing his chance of survival.

     Some time in the next few weeks I might start a tournament with my friends and I will be printing some of the cards on card-stock. If anyone is interested in the rules or a easily printable version of the cards feel free to E-mail me.

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  1. hi i am very interested on the rules of the arena of death, but when the book went sold out i cant get the rules or the cards.

    if you can help me i will be very happy