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Arena of Death league rules! (revision 2.4)

     Here is a slightly more final rough draft of the Arena of Death League rules I'm working on. This is based on some play testing and studying to get the most balanced game possible. I'm very open to recommendation on how the system could be improved as well as universal wargear options for races as I don't understand xenos races very well since I don't play them. I expect to have the PDF in first draft this week sometime as I plan to start a league in my town. (We don't have a gaming store of any kind to work with here...)

the following is meant to be a second draft/revision thing for an Arena of Death "League" so players can battle their champions from the Arena's of the Dark Eldar to the sparring rings used to help Astartes keep a fighting edge. Your champion will become stronger and better equipped over time as he kills and maims his way to champion! Following revisions of this rule set will be in PDF format and better formatted and organized. Any feedback is appreciated! All rules subject to change! This is meant to act as a supplement for the Arena of Death mission type in the Crusade of Fire Campaign book.

The final document will contain the full rules for both Arena of Death mission type and the League rules. The Arena of Death rules will have some slight clarifications to the wording to help make learning them easier as well as an FAQ at the end. The PDF of the rules will be updated as needed.

The Arena of Death League Rules (Revision 2.4)

Class customization
For the purpose of the league all character "classes" are as having a point value of 100. At the beginning of a league the player will choose one class from the list to represent his champion. As the champion wins more victories in the arena he will be awarded more points to spend on wargear. The cost of wargear can be found in the corresponding codex to the faction/unit (class) you selected. Some extra universal wargear and rule options can be purchased from a list at bottom of this page.

A champion can earn points to purchase wargear, USR's, and upgrades from killing their opponents. The amount of points granted from each kill is equal to 5% of their total points value rounded up. (IE: a figure worth 146 points would award you 8 points when killed) Since all models are given a base point value of 100 for the purpose of this league, you are always guaranteed at least 10 points for each kill. These points can then be spent to unlock wargear and rule options.

If a piece of wargear, a USR, or upgrade are purchased that model cannot get rid of that upgrade for another. He must gain points and buy that upgrade, and then choose which upgrade ones to use during a match (IE: choosing a storm bolter over a combi-plasma if the champion owns both).

The champion must always have Some type of close combat weapon (CCW) whether its just a close combat blade or a Power Scythe.

All champions must be modeled to represent their war gear. (WYSIWYG)

Vehicles and any model with hull points cannot be fielded.

Attachments and retinues of any kind can not be taken (ie a command squad)

Named characters cannon be fielded as they can't improve over time and are not balanced during the beginning of the leagues.

If a champion is defeated he must roll 2D6 and suffers from an affect on the following chart.
1-6: Flesh wound! The model is fine to continue fighting in more matches.
7-10: Minor injury! The model can continue to fight but suffers -1 to Initiative.
11: Major injury! The model struggles in the arena and suffers a -1 penalty to strength and -2 to initiative.
12: The character dies. A new character must be rolled. All purchased wargear, upgrades, and USR's are lost.

Victory Conditions

    Each player must keep track of his Roar of the Crowd points at the end of each game. These are added up at the end of the league to determine your total arena score. The league will end at a pre-determined point as decided buy the league organizer. The player with the most Roar of the Crowd points at the end of the league wins. In the event of a tie, the two challengers involved must fight a final battle to see who get glory and who dies.

The following class list may not be completely balanced and may be changed from revision to revision. The current revision is a test and is still missing options for "classes" from several codex. This will be remedied swiftly in a future revision. Current options on list are all close to 100 points and some can be upgraded to their more powerful equivalents as listed in codex. Options tagged with * are being more heavily evaluated.

 -Space Marines:
--Techmarine (upgrade-able to a Master of the Forge for 25tps)

-Dark Angels:
--Company Master
--Chaplain (upgrade-able to a Interrogator-Chaplain for 30pts)

-Blood Angels:
--Chaplain (upgrade-able to a Reclusiarch for 40pts)

-Space Wolves:
--Wolf Lord
--Rune Priest
--Wolf Priest
--Wolf Guard Battle Leader

-Black Templar:
--Emperors Champion
--Master of Sanctity

-Grey Knights:
--Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
--Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
--Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

-Chaos Space Marines: (Gift of Mutation can not be used, the dark gods have abandoned you)
--Chaos Lord
--Dark Apostle

-Imperial Guard (Will probably die fighting anything else on this list.)
--Lord commissar
--Primaris Psyker
--Ministorum Priest
--Techpriest Enginseer

--Big Mek


-Dark Eldar
-- Succubus
--Haemonculus Ancient

--The Tau codex is currently not properly set up to fit this league but will be added as soon as next codex is out.

-Sisters of Battle:

Purchase Options!
The following section is additional options a champion can purchase outside of his normal codex options. The term Imperium refers to anyone fighting on the side of the Emperor be it Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, or Imperial Guard. The Term Chaos refers to Chaos Space Marines. Wargear can only be used by champions whose codex fits its rules and gear will be marked as such)

Special issue Wargear (Arena):
     This section adds weapons to each codex/armybook  that are either created by me or found in other GW rules related to 40K. (IE: Horus Heresy and Imperial Armour) Weapons must replace a piece of similar wargear. (IE: A weapon with the rule pistol can only replace another weapon with that rule or a weapon with the Melee rule can only replace another Melee weapon)

-Melee Weapons  (Format: Cost - Range - Strength -AP -Type)  
--Power Scythe ( 25pts - N/A - +1 - 2 -Melee, Unwieldy, Two-Handed, Sweep Attack (Chaos(Mark of Nurgle))
--Charnabal Sabre ( 10pts - N/A - As user - N/A - Melee, Rending, Duellist's Edge (Imperium/Chaos))
-Ranged Weapons (Format: Cost - Range - Strength -AP -Type)   
--Archaeotech pistol ( 00pts - 12" - 6 - 3 - Pistol, Master-Crafted (Imperium/Chaos))
--Plasma Blaster ( 25pts - 18" - 6 - 2 - Assault 2, Gets Hot! (Imperium/Chaos))

-Armour and other Wargear:
--Cataphractii Pattern Terminator Armour: Cataphractii Armour can be used on any model in place of standard Terminator Armour if said model has the option. Champions with this armour have the Slow and purposeful special rule instead of relentless special rule, but gain an invulnerable save of 4+. (5pts)((Imperium/Chaos)

--Combat and Boarding Shields: Combat and Boarding shields confer a 6+ invulnerable save that increases to 5+ in close combat/assaults. Not usable by terminators. (10 pts) (Space Marines (all chapters))

--Chem-Munitions: Flame weapons gain the Shred and Gets Hot! special rules. (Flamers, Hand Flamers, Heavy, Flamers, Combi-flamers) This upgrade is free for Chaos Space Marines of the Deathguard Legion. (Chaos(Mark of Nurgle))

Universal Special Rules:
     The following section contains USR's that you can buy for your character. Please keep in mind these apply towards your points value for points awarded when defeated. Only 2 USR's can be active at a time.

-Furious Charge (25 pts)
-Hatred (Pick one codex) (20pts)
-Hatred (Everything) (40 pts)
-Fleet (25 pts)
-Feel no pain (5+) (25 pts)
-Rage (25 pts)
-Preferred Enemy (Pick on codex) (20 pts)
-Move through Cover (5 pts)
-It will not die (50 pts)

Stat Upgrades:
The following section contains stat upgrades. Stats cannon be upgraded past 10. Please keep in mind these apply towards your points value for points awarded when defeated. Stat upgrades are expensive but permanent. Each skill can only be upgraded 1 time per champion!

+1 to Weapon skill (25 pts)
+1 to Ballistic skill (25 pts)
+1 to Strength (25 pts)
+1 to Toughness (25 pts)
+1 to Wounds (50 pts)

Other rules:
    Section refers to rules found on this list that aren't in a standard codex or the core rulebook.

-Sweep Attack: Rather than use their own attack value, a model using a weapon with this special rule may, if they wish, instead make a number of attacks equal to the number of models in base contact with them.

-Dualist's Edge: +1 to Initiative when in a challenges (All arena battles count as challenges)

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