Sunday, March 3, 2013

Being a collage student and playing 40K

     Again I've gone a while without a real update on any projects or anything. Haven't done to much this week since the work on the Land Raider. I just thought I would take a moment to talk about how hard this hobby is to be a part of as a collage student in my early 20's working 2 part time jobs. I currently study various programming and networking type things at a local community collage that I can hardly afford to go to because getting financial aid is a pain. Not because the government but because the school seems to have its own whole layer of messy papers and bureaucracy to go through. While doing this I have my inglorious serving job at Apple Bee's and I make websites for my dads company. Throw in on top of that I'm engaged and trying to save up for the stuff that goes a long with all of that.

    When I see all that I think dang, I have hardly made a dollar lately that doesn't go to bills or something of the like. I have to save 5 bucks up here and there just to buy things for this hobby, and even then it may not happen. But it's not just 40K that's expensive, it's other hobbies to. When I do finally get a new kit or mini though I have to say, the feeling of owning it is a ton more gratifying then if I just had tons of money to spend on it. While expensive and small I know I worked to get it, which makes me feel pretty happy.

    I do however tend to try and find cheaper ways to enjoy the hobby. Whether its converting mini's or using cardboard to make terrain. I generally try to find the easiest and most cost efficient ways to enjoy a hobby I chose. Ebay also helps a lot in keeping cost down. Buying poorly painted and used mini's can be a lot more work when it comes to pulling paint off and redoing them, but with enough effort the result can be just as good as if you had bought it new.

     So I'm curious. Anyone else have similar stories? How do you save money to keep on your hobby? What's the best way to get started for new comers to the hobby? What is the meaning of life and the answer to the universe and everything? and why am I still asking dumb questions?!?

     So tonight I promise an update on some painting work on my deathwing, and the list I have using my current models.

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