Saturday, March 23, 2013

Couple updates from the hobby.

     Some curious updates as to the direction of our Hobby. Games Workshop has is enacting a bunch of new policies, specifically here in the US. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about this here but a lot of people are up in arms about this, One online retailer is going to stop being a retailer, and the bitz market is being given the axe all thanks to these new policies. What I want to discuss, is what to we the players do in this situation? Here's my take on it....

1.) Calm down. A lot of people are getting mad and threatening to kill the hobby. The problem is, is this hobby is fun, and your going to ruin it faster for everyone by leaving it then Games Workshop is with their policies and prices. Do what you can to remain a part of the hobby, play the games, and don't buy GW direct (see step 2)

2.) Don't buy from GW direct when ever you can help it if at all. Buy from the retailers that use Ebay, order from Spikeybits, or go to a local game shop that isn't owned or affiliated with GW. GW is enacting these policies to force people to buy from them and that isn't fair.

3.) This part is more or less optional but I don't feel GW will really understand it's flaws unless enough people tell them. If enough people don't buy from GW direct they will just continue to blame the non GW retailers online and off. So we need to tell them. Email and let them know they are doing stupid things and upsetting you as a their customer. One person won't get their attention but if a few thousand did this they would have to notice. But don't start swearing and telling them they suck. That takes all the rationalness out of your argument and will make them ignore you.

4.) Look back at step 1 again. Keep calm and game on, this is our hobby!

     I haven't been in this hobby for even a year, but I want to stay in it. I want to get my friends and my brother into it. Yes there is other war games you could play, but none have the ability to customize  collect and grow an army in the same way you can in 40K. You can always make crazier bigger armies and have bigger crazier games with all the story you could want to add or throw in. You can do so much with this hobby. That's what attracted me as a young game design student.

    In other news.... ForgeWorld has release a bunch of new heresy era weapon bits (plasma guns, rotary guns, etc) and some Heresy era bikes, and I must say the bikes look awesome. I think these would be well used in a Ravenwing or White Scars denote a more important squad, They would make awesome Ravenwing black knights while the command squad could take Jet bikes. Just an idea...

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