Monday, March 18, 2013

Deimos pattern Rhino tanks!

     A couple of days of being sick and my truck broke down and probably needs a new engine. Not a fun week, and the repairs on my truck will suck up all of my hobby money but such is life. I'm happy to say though the whole week was not a total loss and I got my Deimos pattern Rhinos Friday night! A little bit of a pain to put together compared to their all plastic brethren but I got it done. Mostly. Also I don't think these are legit FW kits which explains why the plastic pieces are also cast in resin and the models were dirt cheap. But you live and learn! 

All the pieces as they arrived!

Fitting the body together. As you can see these parts
are all resin as well. Which is weird.

All the standard sides/doors/front come in the kit so I
have a lot of parts I could do conversions with! Thinking
maybe terrain of sorts.

Mostly done with the first rhino!

A comparison to the standard rhino's I use in my DA army.

Two almost finished rhino's!

Finally, primed and ready to paint yellow! Wish I had a
faster way to paint base coat then brush...

    All in all I'm very happy with these models even though they aren't real FW one's. They're well done recast and we're in my poor collage budget. A crap ton more cleaning is needed though compared to a real FW model, and not being a hybrid plastic resin kit also add's to the things that make this a pain to build. Tomorrow I will get some painting progress pictures up!

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