Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deimos rhino's and painting.

     Been working on painting my rhino's and it's a bit easier now to see where it didn't fit together properly. A small gripe as I would never win a painting contest of any kind anyway but hey... I can dream! One of the thing I think would make a huge difference with painting things like this is an airbrush. Painting large vehicles with a brush isn't fun and it doesn't always look good. One thing that did help though was thinning the base coat a lot with window cleaner. I didn't think that would actually work but I suppose I was proved wrong. Hopefully my roommate doesn't notice I used all of her window cleaner to thin my paints....

     hoping to get the base colors of yellow, red, and leadbelcher on the rhino's tonight so tomorrow and Friday I can focus on the fancy detail work and the transfer sheets. This weekend will be keeping me busy as I try to catch up on all the Crusade of Fire related stuff I've been behind on updating because of the business of life. Will probably also be posting some Tau model pics as I've been helping my friend start his Tau army.

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