Thursday, March 7, 2013

M.A.G.E-Con Spring

     So below is a link to MAGE-con spring, probably the largest gaming thing a small town like mine has to offer. But I implore anyone who has a chance to join us for the weekend. Saturday will be a lot of Star Wars board games including X-wing. One of my friends even has an awesome Deathstar Trench scenario for it but it requires a lot of ships. The only thing that may be a small issue this year is the 40K tourny is being held on Sunday instead of Saturday at about the same time as WFBs tourny. So players will have to pick... I personally don't have enough army for WFB so I will be playing 40K. But I encourage anyone to come to Sioux City and play one of them! It's always nice to see new faces and meet fellow hobbiest from around the internet!

     The tournaments for 40k and WFB are 2000 points and you will be playing 3 games. For 40K all models listed "40K Approved" on this list will be allowed for use in the tournament, so we have some Forgeworld love here. Chapter approved models and rules from White Dwarf, and Death from the skies will also be used. All fortifications, allies, and dual force organization are allowed!

Again, here is list of FW models that can be used for 40K. They must be listed as "40K Approved"

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