Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rules! I like them?

     I'm currently working on a lot of things. From finishing my Dark Angels to growing my High Elves. But on of the project I've been working on is rule sets that can be used for friend games, campaigns, and leagues. First and foremost being my pdf for Arena of Death which will have the Arena of Death rules (slightly clarified), the league rules, and an FAQ to regarding some situations and how they should be handled based on play testing and discussion. The cards required to play will not be in the pdf for copy right issues, as I'm already pushing my luck including the rules for the mission. This may change later on, but that remains to be seen.

    Project number two is a bit more complex. It's a pdf similar to the Index Astartes and will include both updated versions of the old Index Astartes rules and some new ones to help flesh out certain armies and make them feel unique. The first pdf will be for Space Marine Chapters and Chaos Legions based on the original 20 (18) Space Marine Legions made by the Emperor. The first book is almost done. The purpose of these will be to add to the experience of campaigns so people don't have to feel like they are all using the same army different color. If these are received well I will do a Index Xenos book as well.

    Project number three! This one will probably be finished after project 2's first pdf is released. But project 3 is a campaign with a bit more detail and explanation then Crusade of Fire will ever give you. Though it won't have the 50 pages of nonsense battle report either(though I kind of enjoyed that part...).

     One of the greatest things about this hobby is the ability to create not only armies and characters, but campaigns, missions, scenario's as well. Something I think that should be done more as a lot of people seem to rely on Games-Workshop for their stories and fun. This isn't bad but I think there is a lot of talented people on the internet who could design some pretty awesome scenario's and stories for their fellow hobbiest.


  1. I am really looking forward to project 2! Just a little bit of input if you don't mind, I think that the Salamanders should have a multi-melta option for their terminators (especially with the new forge world version). Also, I got my hands on the Crusade of Fire book, so hopefully I'll be able to try out your rules.

  2. I'll gladly except your input, as I think that a multi-melta option is definitely something Salamanders could/would have. In fact I'm open to most any input on project 2. The 18 main chapters/legions will be easy so the first PDF should be done in a week or so, or atleast in a first draft. The PDF for successor chapters and Warbands PDF's will be a bit more challenging me thinks.

    As for project 1 I have all the PDF pages done for it I just haven't put them all together. If you have the crusade of fire book though, you can get cards for Arena of Death printed off on cardstock at kinko's for about 7 dollars for 2 color decks.