Monday, March 4, 2013

Video games and other news.

     So Space Hulk as announced a while back is getting the digital treatment. I for one have never played space hulk and would very much like to sometime, but for what the game would cost to get I could buy a PlayStation 3. So having a turn based strategy game on PC for it would be fantastic. I think the game would also be awesome on Android but Games-Workshop seems to have something against those. Either way I look forward to this very much.

     As far as other video games go, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag seems to be what the series needs to bring it back on track. The last game was good but was to constrained by history to really give you the ability to assassinate things properly. Something the series has been lacking is proper assassinations since AC:2 and 1. Also who doesn't want a game where your a ninja/pirate/assassin/sailer/gunslinger and ladies man? Edward Haythem is like the perfect player character!

     In other news, I found the blog post with the RTT results for the tournament I was at in Omaha.
If I would have just not tied one of the 2 matches I would have had 13 more points and been much farther up the list. But 10th isn't bad for my second tourny since I started this hobby in August. It just means I have to plan better for next time, and plan I shall!

Cornhammer RTT results

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