Monday, April 29, 2013

Armour through the ages!

     Not a lot to report in this post, it's the calm after the convention now. Just thought I'd drop a quick update on these guys. The amount of painting projects I have is stacking up and I'm losing free time to so many things. Darn reality and all of it's nonsense...

     I only got the models primed and 2 painted though the MK-IV Marine still needs a bit more work. I' really liked these models, as they really stand out from my other troops. I'm thinking of using them as the squad leaders for tactical squads and stuff or as a unit of Sternguard Veterans with Boltguns. But who knows... 

The leader of the bunch in MK-1 Thunder Armour!
This guy is my favorite and I wish I could field an entire army
of Unification wars era troops... lol

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