Sunday, April 28, 2013

Friday and Saturday of Mage-Con!

     I goofed up a bit this last weekend with pictures of the con... I got so tied up in games I forgot to take pictues. It was a fun weekend though with lots of games being played and a special Star Wars theme so lots of starwars type games (X-wing and Star Wars miniature game). X-wing I haven't played yet but intent to get into it eventually. But one game at a time....

     For Warhammer 40K games this weekend I played one fun game on the Saturday of the con Dark Angels against Dark Angels in a 1500 point game with 5 objectives on the bored (big guns never tire) and won with 3 objectivs, first blood, and linebreaker. All DA with plasma on both sides and nobody rolled 'Gets Hot' once until the last turn. 

     One of the venders that was at the con had a large assortment of custom built terrain and old models for Warhammer fantasy and D&D (mainly WFB though) and while some of the High elf stuff was tempting what caught my eye was the 5 models in the above picture. The old armour through the ages set! They didn't have their pack backs but I had a few old style ones spare from a bitz bag I purchased a while back. Not sure yet what I will do with them but they will make a nice addition to my Imperial Fist.

     Now as I mentioned at the beginning of all of this it was a Star Wars theme to the con. X-wing being the new big game that it is had to be played, and one of the members of the gaming club I'm in found some awesome Deathstar trench scenario rules and with the help of another club member built the trench. The game had a lot more ships then normaly used and a lot of special rules so it took some time to play out with the 3v3 teams, but ultimately the rebels won! The person who shot the proton torpedo that killed the Deathstar? Porkins. Yes, the fat pilot who died in the movie was the hero of the story in our recreation! Also Darth Vader personally stopped by to help coordinate the defense of his fully operation battle station.

    I wish I would have remembered to take more pictures. It's hard to stop and do that when playing in a game and you get focused on the dice rolls. The 40K tournament went well though I didn't win all of my games I did tie for best sportsmanship! I'm apparently a nice person! lol

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