Friday, April 26, 2013

Mage-Con Spring!

     Lately I've been busy trying to build a good list for the Spring Mage-con, which is this weekend.. I don't have many tournies in my area so I take the few I get very seriously, and I really want to win a tournament just for the satisfaction of knowing I'm actually good at this game. or something... My list is very offensive and siege heavy instead of the normal devastator/Lascannon gun line I normally run. Everything has transports or the ability to deep strike, and I'm fielding 3 dreadnoughts. Sadly the 40K tourney isn't until Sunday, so in the meantime I will probably be posting up about normal games that cross my path!

     Tonight though I will be testing my high elves for the first time in a small 1000 point game. I want to increase the size of my army but am rather poor right now and still have a lot of painting to do on what I have. Also I don't want to invest in new units until I have my new army book in hand! My goal is to have my army usable by the next Mage-con, which is actually only  like 4 months away? I should also have my Dark Angels Deathwing list ready by then for the 40K tournament.

     Speaking of my DA I still haven't gotten in the Cataphractii I ordered for the Deathwing Knights. I need to do some sculpting on them to get DA iconography on the shoulders and what have you before I paint them. Will also probably prime and paint each individual piece separate. I want these guys to stand with my Termy Interrogator Chaplain as the centerpiece for my DA army.

Will update again soon! probably tonight with pictures of the afternoons events!

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