Saturday, April 20, 2013

Plastic HQ models and Eldar confirmed for June?

The Eldar Farseer blister.
     One of the new Eldar models from june was leaked! Plastic Farseers! Games Workshop seems to be making the more generic HQ options plastic blisters now, something I'm definitely down with. The names characters they do now in Finecast are very well done, though some of the models that we're older and switched from metal show their age. (I'm looking at you abbadon) The new plastic character blisters are also easier for converting, Seraphicus being an awesome example of this. Here's a list of the known ones for 40K that they've made since 6th edition...

Dark Angels:
     Interrogator Chaplain Seraphicus (Dark Vengeance limited Edition)
Chaos Space Marines:
     Aspiring Champion
Chaos Daemons:
     Herald of Khorne
     Herald of Nurgle
     Herald of Slaanesh
Tau Empire:
     Cadre Fireblade

     Now I personally would like to see more of the non named HQ's use these kinds of blisters. I prefer plastic to resin because it's easier to work with, and in theory, cheaper. I would also like to see more of them per codex release but who knows. The only one that is a pain so far is Seraphicus, you can only get him on ebay. But the bits he has are worth it. So GW if you read this, Techmarine/Master of the Forge next please?

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