Thursday, April 18, 2013

The armies of Silvermoon City.

     You'd think being unemployed I'd write more on here. It's been a fun last 2 weeks as far as 40K is concerned and lots I should have talked about and reported on. So allow me to go over the weeks events!
The first thing I want to mention is fighting the Tau in 6th edition. My friend (and soon cousin by marriage?) decided he wanted to give 40K a try and has started a Tau army based on my advice and the look of them. I recommended them because by the time he got his battle force and two fire warrior squads build the new rule book would be out to great him.

     So for those wondering how they handle, we played 2 games of them with old codex before testing knew one so we could learn the improvements. Then in the game we played for our campaign battle he tabled me. I would have one had the game ended on turn 6 but it went on to a turn 7 and I lost all 3 objectives and my last few marines to his Fire Warriors. In a 1000 point game they are easily the better army as far as firepower is concerned and Cadre Fireblade is definitely worth the extra 60 points as your HQ or second HQ to add to a squad. Allowing Fire Warriors he's attached to, to shoot twice if they don't move is deadly. With gun drones and him in the squad that's 60 shots rapid fire or 26 shots at 30 inches at S5 AP5. Not to shabby.

     Then as of Tuesday I started working on my fantasy army again! I'm now up to 1000 points with the addition of my archers who will serve as my Silvermoon Rangers! Also used some bits to make the mage from the starter set look more like a mage of Silvermoon and he shall reprisent Grand Magister Rommath!

My rangers all built!

 Forces of Silvermoon assembled for war!!!

 and to finish, I painted Magister Rommath
     My next goal is to find a good figure for Lor'themar Theron. Anyone have an idea's?

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