Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The longest month ever.

     I keep telling myself I'm going to post more, I really do. But then life happens. I lost my job this week so that was kind of crummy. I still have some part time contract work but that will only get me to the next job and as far as bills go that really hit me rather hard. My hobby funds went out the window to which made me sad because I need money for my high elves next month. Hoping for some good luck soon but with no job and about a thousand dollars worth of repairs on my truck, It's gonna be a long month ahead. Hopefully not as long as the last one. May the Emperor help me through these trying and trivial times of bills and chaos...

In other news, meet "Spare Parts" Jim! My Tau companion I made out of spare bits my friend had when he started his Tau army last week! I used him to help my friend test a color scheme, he tried to add yellow to see how it would look. It was his first time ever picking up a brush....

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