Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A lot to update!

     Busy week this week but yesterday and today has been fun none the less. I have the High Elves army book finally courtesy of my friend who wanted me to pay him back. Now this is my first army book for fantasy and the only fantasy book I own. (I don't even have core rulebook) So I will talk about it as soon as a read it more but won't understand half of it. sadly... But hey! this weekend I can learn maybe!

     The paying back of my friend ended up being a favor as he asked me to paint his Riptide, and how could I say no to such an offer? This thing is just plain awesome so of course I "reluctantly" agreed, lol. His Tau that he has painted are all far sight enclave and he wanted to focus on painting his crisis suits but even after a few months with his Tau has been having trouble figuring out the paint schemes. Last night we figured it out a bit more and had some awesome work to show for it. The biggest change was making all the mechanical area's leadbelcher instead of leaving them black. No idea why but this really helped the model out.

    The model isn't quite finished though and needs some touching up and some transfer stickers here and there but overall I'm quite happy with the progress I've made on it and look forward to my friend seeing the finished product tomorrow when we play X-wing.

     Finally and most exciting of all I got my Berserkers in! With this guys I now have the troop choices I need to play my world eaters. How competitive this list will be I have no idea, I made it around being fluffy and fun. So later I will have some pics of those assembled probably! Until then! peace out!

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