Thursday, May 23, 2013

A post overdue.... Khorne Berserkers build! but not painted.

     A bit of an overdue post on the progress of my Berserkers for my World Eaters. I have them all build at this point and just need to prime and paint them. This is the task I've been dreading though. 24 Berserkers, 3 of which are modeled to be champions though only 1 guy has a power weapon as he's the main one. Depending the size of the game they will be run in squads of 8-10. I need to get a Spartan Assault tank for this army to use in larger games. 295 points for a vehicle that's better then a Land Raider and has a capacity of 25 models. Fill it with 20 Berserkers and let them drive across the field and go crazy! That's the idea anyone. If you want to know more about the Spartan Assault Tank you can find rules for it in Imperial Armour 12 - Tje Fall of Orpheaus.

     The main Champion for when the group functions as a squad of 20. The Terminator Lord power-axe was converted onto a chainsword arm with a lot of work to make sure it wouldn't break off. A whole was drilled through the hand then the handle of the axe fit into the hole with glue to keep it their. The power cable was kept and glued in place under the shoulder pad. Then to get the pose I cut the edge of the upper leg off and rotated it forward and up so when the lower leg bit was put on it would have him standing on the Ultramarine Sargent. Ultramarine parts litter the bases of these dudes.

Champion and all the bits of sprue and sorted. It's a
daunting task at this point.

Assembly time!

Half way!
     At this point I'd like to say the Berserker models while cool looking are old. They look like they we're designed around third edition and haven't changed. The backpacks don't even fit on the bodies because they were meant for the older chaos models from years long past. So cutting the little nub off the backpacks normaly sit over on all the guys was a pain. Also the helmets don't always fit on with the shoulders and arm poses repeat a lot. GW needs to redo this kit soon! It's falling behind! Anyways....

     The army all assembled. The Hellbrute sticks out being from a different legion and all but it's okay. He still looks awesome. These guys really need transports though as they really didn't do to well in the test game with just rhino's. Though Tau weren't a good army to test against without assault vehicles either... oh well. I'm  learning.

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